The digital transformation we are witnessing today has profoundly transformed the foundations of marketing as we knew them a few years ago and have learned to study them. We went from a marketing 1.0 Brazil Email Lists on the products (the famous 4P of Kotler) to a marketing 3.0 where the people and the values ​​of the company occupy a preponderant place . Passive consumers are now all-powerful consumer – actors , capable of seeking information, of criticizing, of commenting, to the point of wavering the big brands which were until then deemed untouchable.

Marketing 3.0, a change in mentalities
From then on, we no longer measure the success of a company solely by its financial profitability. The notion of engagement is an indicator that is now increasingly important: what people say about the brand, the level and number of interactions with users or even external references (or ” backlinks “) are all parameters that contribute to the good health of the company. The notion of tribe as stated by Seth Godin is today the holy grail of any brand present on the web because it allows to federate and mobilize a community of users not around a product or a service. , but around a corporate philosophy .

Apple’s evangelism, an example of Marketing 3.0

It is not uncommon to take Apple as a model when you want to illustrate a success story, and I will not deviate from the rule. In my opinion, the great strength of the Apple brand, in addition to technological innovation, minimalist design and product quality, is that of having created a community of unconditional fans . It is more than just consumers who buy a product, they buy a philosophy, a vision, a state of mind. The famous slogan “Think different” resonates in them as if it was the revealer of a truth buried deep in their subconscious.

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It was also Guy Kawazaki , then Apple’s marketing manager, who theorized the concept of evangelism : a kind of viral marketing propagated by consumers who have adopted a product or service and who strongly recommend it to those around them. . It is in this way that each release of the new iPhone is a real event in itself and that each official speech by Steve Jobs was considered a sacred word.

Make sense of your business with Marketing 3.0

Are you about to launch your own startup and secretly dream of being as successful as Apple? The road will be long and strewn with pitfalls, but you will have a chance to succeed by following these few precepts:

Define what is the ultimate goal of your business . What are you fighting for? What movement, what action do you want to initiate? Give your users a reason to come together and believe in you.
Be consistent . Make this objective the editorial line of your communication and of all the actions you undertake. Each product, each message, each decision must be motivated and justified with regard to the values ​​and objectives that you convey. It is by establishing consistency around your brand that you will be able to unite and evangelize your consumers.

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