Adapt your images and videos to the mobile version If you are going to upload videos, these can be in vertical format in case the largest number of users enter your website through mobile. This allows people not to turn their cell phones to see your content and thus you would be offering a good experience. Do not upload images that are too large, take care of the size, as they can make your website load more slowly and cause a rise in the bounce rate. Always check how your content looks on mobile. If you have images with text, make sure they are easy to read. Make it easy for your audience to convert via mobile The figures affirm that the conversion rate is higher from computers than from mobile phones.

But we should not trust ourselves and it is important to consider smartphones within our sales strategies. It is possible to encourage purchases from mobile phones, for this you must optimize your ecommerce and make sure that you are offering a good shopping experience, from the moment the person enters your website until the Spain Phone Number end of their purchase. READ MORE Electronic commerce: Know the complete journey of your client A fact that seems obvious but can be wrong: according to Think With Google, the content that online buyers are looking for the most is the price (70%), so check that it is always present and updated. Create mobile-friendly emails People often open.

WeChat: Among the Most Used Social Networks

their emails through their mobile phones, so always consider that your messages are optimized to deliver a good experience. Make sure the length of your message title does not exceed what the phone can display. Check what the maximum number of characters is and adapt it so that there are no cuts. Also check the size of your images, they should look good from cell phone screens. There are different software to create email marketing, but many allow you to preview or send a test email so you can check that everything is legible and looks good. Use social networks and messaging applications We know that more and more people are using their social networks. According to Hootsuite and We Are Social , in 2021 there were 16 million active users on social networks.

Spain Phone Number

which represents 83.5% of the Chilean population. Without a doubt, social networks are another digital channel in which cell phones have the leading role, so having a good brand presence on the platforms where your buyer persona is present is essential, because from your networks you can send your users to who visit your site. We also recommend the possibility of using messaging applications to communicate with your audience and offer a personalized experience, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. These channels today are widely used as customer service, as they offer immediate responses and without leaving home. Start knowing the behavior of your digital consumer! At Adity we know how important it is to know our audience and offer a quality experience.

One of the Most Popular Social Networks

This can make people buy from us again or recommend us. Do not forget to optimize your website for its correct navigation by mobile devices. In our Google Analytics Course you will learn to apply the main metrics and analysis.  Models to improve digital marketing strategies. The focus of the course is theoretical-practical.  We will teach you to interpret the data obtained from any digital channel. Such as email marketing campaigns, social networks.  Search engine advertising, mobile marketing or any related specialty, in addition to seeing the new update and interface of Google Analytics 4. What are you waiting for to become an expert in metrics? you will have three options: Install the label yourself.

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