For the start of the school year, we are Morocco WhatsApp Number List a new type of content: case studies of completed missions! In these articles, we develop the main results of our approaches in the organizations that we have audited and transformed. Today we present to you the diagnosis and transformation of a food company. These missions, diagnosis and transformation plan lasted 3 years and resulted in a multiplication of turnover by 4 and EBITDA by 8. Transformation of an industrial food company into a leader in the distribution of fresh and ultra-fresh products Do more with less! The company has 2 factories (an old factory whose space is difficult to fit out, with an area of ​​14,000 m2 and a recent one of 7,000 m2), we have merged the activities

of the 2 factories into that of 7,000 m2 at constant costs, by streamlining operations and the product catalog. A sale is not always good for a business During the diagnosis, we realized that the VP Sales was implementing counterproductive commercial devices for the company. For example, he had set up a system of variables for his salespeople which certainly allowed to generate turnover, but also degraded the margins, generated a high rate of unsold (unpaid and to be recovered) and created peaks production and logistical bottlenecks. He also set up an arrangement between his salespeople so that they each took turns winning a sales competition. During the implementation of the transformation plan, we restructured the entire

Do More With Less

commercial pole of the organization. Knowing how to question your “supplier-distributor” model During our market investigation, we analyzed the shelving processes at our client’s distributors. Despite a classic “supplier-distributor” relationship, distributors were, in fact, only suppliers of logistics space for our client, ie they decided on the volume of orders and the space allocated. on the shelves, but did not take care of storage, shelving, or even unsold items. We therefore proposed to our client to implement a model in which distributors become clients of a management service for their sales areas provided by our Client.


In addition, this new system made it possible to directly manage demand, therefore to smooth production flows, and to reduce unsold items / stocks, thus improving the margin“Learning and entertainment” winners Accor Hotel Award at Viva Technology Winners of the Bordeaux startup weekend – 2017 Be a boss be entrepreneur winners in 2018 and 2020 CES Innovation Award (Las Vegas): Marion and Emmannuelle, co-founders of Dipongo What will happen next for Dipongo? Develop in-app purchases, in particular to have permanent access to the universes of the previous months and thus develop a kiosk with story packs for families. Dipongo also wishes to go internationally, particularly in Europe and North America, and thus make

A Sale Is Not Always Good For A Business

the application bilingual (French and English). The application is accessible anywhere in the world but the creative notebook is sent mainly to France. At the beginning of October, we launched a subscription campaign through Kiss Kiss Bank Bank with up to 30% reduction on the price of subscriptions. In addition, for any subscription, € 1 will be donated to the “Les Fées Bleues” association made up of nursing staff from the pediatric intensive care unit of the Bordeaux University Hospital.actions, its project to what we will discover on the realities of the organization that we want to move / modernize / to improve.

Actors have pushed the use of performance in the public sector much further or in a different direction. Like Pierre Pezziardi, especially when he collaborated with DINSIC (DINUM now) a few years ago and created with Henri Verdier the concept of state startup. It will be interesting to read or hear his testimony. Perhaps this will be the subject of a future article on this blog. Establish a dynamic of continuous improvement This is perhaps what is most difficult in public administration. They are used to investing and then, when by chance the investment has not resulted in a result close to 0 (which unfortunately still happens often), the


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