Between vintage and futuristic design, 2019 gives way to totally opposite trends that will Tajikistan Email List everyone’s tastes. The art deco movement began at the end of the First World War and spanned almost half a century, it experienced its heyday in the 1920s.

The 20s and 50s particularly influenced graphic designers in this beginning of the year. The play of symmetrical lines of the time as well as the metallic effects automatically make one think of the great Jay Gatsby. “To say that you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is to say that you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say. “- Edouard Snowden

Graphic Trends

Monochrome logos are less and less popular today. We are witnessing an emergence of “two-tone” designs and gradients that can be achieved with fairly sober colors. We also observe the use of more flashy colors which allows to obtain rather surprising results like the image above!

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In architecture, brutalism was a movement that showed a total disinterest in being simple and pleasant. Web brutalism continues this trend, showing an intentional effort to portray a site in a way that is furthest removed from a regular website.

# 4 Elegance And Delicacy

Faced with designs with very marked lines, a return to the classic style of the 19th century will be very fashionable for 2019.

Style very influenced by botany and nature in general, this simplistic but very detailed design is already widely used in packaging design , where this kind of delicate illustrations blend perfectly on paper.In addition to graphics, marketing remains one of the important elements in the digital world. Here are the marketing trends in the second part

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