5G, voice assistance, customer experience and personalization, explosion of Seychelles Email List , expansion of social commerce, more responsible data, transparency…. Rest assured to be up to date, the 50A team has sourced the digital trends of 2020.

To start, here is a study carried out by WeAreSocial and Hootsuite, in 2020 we will reach 4.54 billion Internet users worldwide. That is an increase of 7% in just one year. In January 2020, there were more than 3.8 billion social media users, an increase of 9% since last year. Innovate with new technologies or by offering new experiences: chatbot , augmented reality , beacons, pop-up store, etc.

We Start With Marketing Trends!

In 2020, there is no longer any question of taking your time. Entertainment goes fast! This can be seen with the emergence of social networks promoting short videos as the main content. TIK TOK is the very example of this. The format has been working and has been for some time. Snapchat is also a very good example with its very short snaps. For Snapchat, the principle of having ephemeral content is the key, but it is not the current subject. Short videos have the advantage of capturing attention. The longer the videos, the more interest decreases.

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We need to make an impression and quickly. The video format has already proven itself. It must therefore be adjusted to the trend. Everything goes through image and sound. We are looking for impact. The shorter the videos and the longer they stay in your head, that is the goal.

Here, The Trends Affected Are Those Announced By Google.

Its impact is such that the political sphere is seizing it too. The practice is still very shaky due to its late experimentation. The codes of social networks as well as the tone to be had must be different for each. The communities are very different and we do not expect the same from one social network to another. It is also mostly rejected by the population, young or not. And yet we will have to go through this to reach the younger generations. It remains to be seen how. It remains a costly and risky process, but also fruitful!

The multiplication of channels gives companies more leeway to reach their customers, but can also make their journeys more complex. This is why it is important to offer an experience adapted to each channel while taking into account the role it plays within the brand’s ecosystem. Smartphones and new uses of the Internet have made consumers more informed and more demanding. According to Adobe, 68% of French consumers are loyal to brands that offer them an experience tailored to their needs and preferences

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