In addition, you must keep innovating the brand’s platforms with content of interest to your community, so that the brand you manage meets and reaches its objectives. Beginnings of the Community Manager community manager story The beginnings of this professional expert in Social Media date back to approximately 1996, when brands were already present on the Internet, through web pages. Initially, these specialists were not considered important people in the organization of a company, since they were in charge of generating content for the website and answering emails, which were very basic functions for companies. However, this concept changed when social networks became the ‘boom’ in mid-2004 with the creation of Facebook.

and the great popularity it gained among thousands of people around the world. Since then, millions of people began to interact with social networks , and brands saw that this medium could be an excellent business channel to get more customers and increase sales. Brands realized that it was important to be on popular social networks like Facebook to have more followers, and in the future reach potential customers. That way they could El Salvador Phone Number also have more sales through advertising campaigns, answer the questions and solve the problems of their consumers and interact with them. But, it was necessary for them to find the person who would be in charge of carrying out these functions and who would help them meet their objectives using different Social Media channels.

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For this reason, from 2004 onwards, brands look for professionals who have knowledge in management and administration of social networks. This is how companies look for a specialist in Social Media to be the ‘spokespersons’ of the brand on the Internet. When does he become a professional? When brands began to venture into social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, among others, they began to see that they achieved more sales through these channels than through traditional marketing methods. In turn, the brands understood that anyone could not manage their social network accounts. Therefore, they needed personnel with certain characteristics, to comply with the brand’s approach.

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So the need for a communications expert to manage social media, engage with followers, and more became increasingly important. This is because they were qualified and had greater knowledge and experience in managing these channels. For this reason, the demand was growing and a Community Manager is no longer. Just a person who knows the brand and generates content. Likewise, it has to be someone who builds a community of followers.  Be it a communication specialist , an expert in digital marketing.  Mediator of the brand and clients or manager of content of interest to the public. Since approximately 2009, the Community. Manager was already a professional in Social Media.  That is essential for brands to achieve their goals using new tools and digital channels.

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Thus, the Community Manager became a job with high demand in the area of ​​digital marketing. And that is why companies are currently looking for these qualified professionals to manage their social networks. Why does a company need a Community Manager? These are some reasons why several companies undoubtedly need a Community Manager expert. Improve the image and presence of the company or brand on social networks. They generate quality content to stay in touch with their community. They answer all the concerns of the brand before the users. Create community and customer loyalty. They manage efficient sales strategies. Crisis management. Analysis of metrics and statistics. Careers or professions related to the Community Manager.

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