Keyword Planner is a Google Ads tool that allows you to find keywords and estimate them in terms of traffic. You can access this tool by entering your Google Ads account, on the top edge enter where it says “tools and settings” located at the top of the platform and enter PLANNING to “keyword planner” . Upon entering, you will have two options: search for more keyword options for your campaigns and see the search volume and the possible performance of those keywords. In Discover new keywords you can search for all the possibilities that are related to your products and/or services. Here, you can enter all those words that are related to your business, company and/or brand, and the planner will give you more options so that you can complement and expand your options.

In addition, you will get information about how often those words are searched for, how competitive the keyword is, among other details. Start using the tool by entering 10 words or phrases related to your business, by the options on how UK Phone Number you think users do searches or with the words with which you want to see yourself positioned on the Internet. Write these words and separate the options with commas and a list with more options will appear. In See search volume and get forecasts you can find out the search volume and other historical statistics related to your keywords. In addition to visualizing its future performance. Before making the projection, review in detail the settings and filters that.

See Search Volume and Get Forecasts

you can apply in the bar above (number 1), according to what you are looking for. When you indicate the period of time you want to review, the analytics of this time will appear. READ MORE Why create your website in WordPress Where the number 2 is registered, you can review the forecasts in terms of clicks, impressions, cost, the CTR that you can reach, CPC and much more that you can discover according to what you need. And in number 3, a table appears with the keywords that Google found according to the adjustments and filters that you have applied. And in its columns, you will find information related to each word according to the metrics you have configured. If you require other information, you can modify the information in the columns icon.

UK Phone Number

As you will see, the Keyword Planner is a tool that.  Will allow you to optimize your ads and make more successful campaigns.  We invite you to get to know it. It will allow you to see the conversions of ad calls, the calls that are made to the number that appears on your website or the clicks to mobile numbers. And as an additional, you have the data import tool from Google Analytics, Salesforce, Conversions with offline leads or Telephone Sales. READ MORE How to quadruple traffic to your website with an SEO strategy We are going to carry out the exercise of creating a conversion for our website, for this, enter this option and select the category that you need to track, you have options, from categories associated with sales, potential customers and others. C

Discover New Keywords

hoose the one you need to review and continue indicating the name of the conversion , so that later you can identify it. This is relevant, since when creating several types of conversions, you will have to have them all well identified. Later, this value , here we suggest you give a value to the conversion, it can be the same for each conversion or different if you sell several products and services and want to register a unique value for the type of conversion. Then comes count , where you can mark all conversions made even by the same customer or count only one. And the definition of how you will measure it. After applying to this, you must continue to create and continue , to continue with configuration of the label . Once you go to “Set up the tag” , just like in Facebook conversion tracking

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