The objective of this first event on inbound marketing is to make business leaders, marketing and communications managers aware that it is Philippines Email List to have a “give and take” strategy . The traditional approach to sales and mass marketing is showing signs of faltering today. The customer is no longer a consumer, it is a user who needs to be informed and trained before anything else.

“I create content that is. useful to you and in return when you have or will need a product or service,
you think of us” This method is called inbound marketing / inbound marketing or in our country “give and take” marketing. What has changed over the past 3 years is the place of editorial strategy and content in a company’s marketing and digital strategy. Before, we worried about buying space, positioning ourselves in google without real tactics and talking without commitment to our communities.

The Process (2h)

Nowadays, each company has become its own medium. Each company must define its mission, vision and values. More than ever, these are working on their brand platforms. A platform that is no longer reserved only for large accounts. Nowadays every company must set up an editorial planning with an editorial committee. Nowadays this editorial planning is linked and linked in order to make it more efficient. Nowadays every business must be attractive and have a related program that naturally brings demands to it.

Philippines Email List

In this context, we are offering you this masterclass event to update you and not miss this opportunity. A simultaneous event in Paris and Marseille, free but on registration of course! Organized by the enthusiasts of the 50A agency, deepen your knowledge of this new marketing approach to help you modernize your acquisition of new customers / users and develop your business differently. An exclusive program concocted by our experts, simultaneously in Paris, Marseille and on the web; as we say in the jargon, a phygital event.

Introduction :

Nicolas Bermond, Digital Druid and Hackers Ambassador -> CAC40 and Thibaut Brousse House Protector will give a short introduction on digital marketing in 2021, should we do poetry to differentiate ourselves from its competitors? Should we automate all marketing with powerful AI? Do we necessarily have to do 3 pirouettes on tik tok to create a community? Do you have to be a chess player to have a digital strategy worthy of the name?

The customer is no longer a consumer, it is a user who needs to be informed and trained before anything else. The user wants to access personalized, quality content without being intrusive. He wants to feel unique, he finds rare content that is free! We found a miracle recipe that allows you to remain yourself without attacking our prospects by attracting them intelligently, we called this strategy “give and take” marketing.

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