Do it in a personal way and dare to show something of Honduras Phone Number yourself. And you contribute to the development of sustainable narratives, in which the organization or brand contributes to social involvement. And preferably as real as possible, insofar as that is of course possible in a world with blurring borders. You might know it: the thrill of a new job. You walk into your Honduras Phone Number new employer full of enthusiasm and a little nervous on the first working day. Then the thunder starts. The building appears to have multiple entrances, where should you be? Then a receptionist gives you a glassy look and says something like ‘oh are you starting today’.

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Then you sit with a cowardly cup of vending Honduras Phone Number machine coffee twirling your thumbs because there are no login codes and nobody really has time to talk to you. You don’t want this. The period in which you as a new employee are introduced Honduras Phone Number to your new company and get to know the role is known as ‘onboarding’. This period is important for a company. Bad onboarding can be a costly prank. The replacement costs for running away employees range from 21% to 50-150% or even 300% of the gross annual salary. In the current tight labor market, those numbers may rise even further in a number of sectors. Think of all the lost productivity.

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And because you have to hire expensive agencies Honduras Phone Number to find talent for you. And about the dent that can cause your image as an employer… This while good onboarding is extremely valuable. People are more productive , work longer if they receive Honduras Phone Number top onboarding and are more involved . Investing in onboarding pays off. Investing in onboarding pays off. How do you do that? How do you ensure a great new hire experience in a world where work is increasingly hybrid ? A combination of online and offline. During Onboard.Amsterdam a number of large companies and organizations shared their experiences with this form of ‘hybrid onboarding’.

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