Google Assistant to Libya Email List voice search in Chrome this year This year, the Google Assistant will support voice search in the Chrome browser, replacing the current voice search method. This change is long overdue because Chrome was one of the last major products from Google to not include the Google Assistant. Summary The Google Assistant on the way Google is not alone The Google Assistant on the way Google Chrome has had a voice search option for some time, with a small microphone icon in the search bar to activate it.

It is the American site XDA which was able to detect that the change to the Google Assistant is coming. The use of Google Assistant has long been planned for the Chrome browser but was slow to arrive. Still, the Mountain View firm has gradually paved the way, adding Google Assistant to the Google mobile app last year and incorporating it into the launch of its Pixel smartphone. By integrating the voice assistant with the Chrome browser, Google Assistant will largely complete its voice coverage on the Google product line. Google is not alone Google has yet to officially announce anything regarding the timing and arrival of the voice assistant in Chrome, but it should be noted that reports started to be published on the subject just after Mozilla started testing a voice assistant for its browser.

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Optimize your backlinks profile by varying the text anchors Optimizing your link anchors is one of the best ways to tell Google what a web page is about. Anchor is used to help readers identify what a page is about before they even visit it and is also a ranking factor for your web pages. While this is a great tool for optimizing your SEO and your visitors’ experience, it can also help lower your organic visibility in some cases. Many people have tried (and still try) to manipulate the research results.


One way to do this is to create a backlink from a specific link anchor in an attempt to rank for the keyword or phrase embedded in that anchor. Unfortunately for these people (but luckily for those of us doing SEO more “cleanly”) we are no longer in the days when abusive SEO optimizations through these types of black hat techniques are effective. Moreover, they are more likely to penalize you. One of the best ways to avoid a penalty is to diversify your links and their anchors. Summary Why vary your text anchors? Use long tail to vary your text anchors Example Use LSI keywords In summary Why vary your text anchors? Google examines your link profile when it analyzes your web pages to rank them in its index.

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What You Post And Your Website As A Whole
Part of your link profile is the anchor text used to link to your website. As you can see below, the anchor text used for your links is considered among the 26 most important SEO positioning factors. The 26 most important SEO positioning factors in 2019 The 26 most important SEO positioning factors in 2019 according to a study by SparkToro Using an anchor text for your links is great, but if you start using the same anchor text Google will start to be wary.

This will give your backlink profile an unnatural look and will likely lead to a drop in visibility in the SERPs, or even a penalty assigned by Google … When you create a link to your website, we recommend that you vary its anchor as much as possible. The natural links will come from different anchors because the webmasters of the external sites establish their links without thinking of this or that keyword for your SEO. If you think about it 5 minutes, there is no way that all the websites have come together and decided to link to your website with the exact same anchor!

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