It is on this last point that we wanted to give you some avenues for reflection. How to become different? How to fight your competitors when the New Zealand Email Database and services marketed by your brands are roughly equal? Forget about your products and services to focus on your Business Marketing and convey your values. We have noticed regularly in our discussions with professionals that companies are pursuing commendable actions without taking advantage of it to communicate about their activities. What a pity !

If, on the other hand, you think you have very little to communicate in this direction, it may be an opportunity to ask yourself questions about your image and how to improve your practices: recruitment, environment, customer relations, charitable activities. , employee comfort … Do things right and let people know! The benefits will be significant at all levels: Motivation, involvement and turnover of employees, customer perception …

“How Much Does It Cost?”

Everything will depend on the results you expect and the place of your Inbound project in your overall strategy. At Markentive, for complete and “turnkey” solutions our annual prices start around 20,000 euros excluding tax per year. I tend to say that very often it is possible to replace part of a traditional communication budget with inbound marketing activities.

New Zealand Email Database

Maybe you can sacrifice the booth budget at one of your secondary conferences and replace it with a single conference at the same show, replace a few meetings with webinars, you can also decrease your PRINT actions in favor of digital activities. ..But the fair question is not really how much it is going to cost you, it is worth looking at the ROI of these activities. Inbound marketing puts communication at the service of your commercial success and as it has always been difficult to link marketing actions to their profitability: Inbound Marketing will finally allow you to think “Profitability” before thinking “Cost” , when the communications director will come and ask you for a budget extension.

Software Publishers: Use Inbound Marketing!

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You will understand, we tend to advise you to dedicate an internal person to your digital marketing. If your budget is limited or the scale of the tasks to be performed does not justify it, make sure you still have an internal contact who is competent enough to hold a conversation with your web agencies.

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