There is a Vietnam WhatsApp Number List term in the Japanese language: Ikigai, which means “raison d’être” or “joie de vivre”. This method involves decoding our thought patterns and reconciling our needs / wants and what we are doing in order to align them to achieve what we really want to do. This philosophy of life encourages us to act and make decisions in harmony with ourselves to give meaning to our life. Obviously this has a dimension linked to the relationship to work: is my work aligned with who I am? Does it meet my deep needs and desires? Does it match my values? These questions converge on a single question: what is our reason

for being? This reflection takes place at two levels: individual but also collective, at the level of the company or organization, of society, or even at the level of a team, a project or an activity (this reflection being transposable and applicable at all levels of the company). Let’s focus on the second level: that of the collective. Why formulate a raison d’être for your company, organization or team? Because a clearly formulated, fair and inspiring purpose will allow, among other things, to: Create differentiation and make the company more efficient than its competitors in the long term Attract and retain all key players, customers

What And What Is Not A Raison

and employees Create the necessary lever for innovation and cultural transformation Encourage and maintain the commitment of employees in a collective ikigai What and what is not a raison d’être? First and foremost, finding and formulating the raison d’être of your organization / team should not be yet another advertising act aimed at (re) giving a good image of the company. It is therefore not a slogan or promise of marketing value; it is above all a process and a deep and collective desire to question its organization. If you are not in this state of mind, it is not worth the trouble to start looking for its reason for being ..


Indeed, the raison d’être goes well beyond strategic plans or master plans, which have become essential in business and whose tools are often mastered. It is not a matter of corporate culture either, bringing together conscious or unconscious values, verbalized or not, shared on a larger or smaller scale within the company. The raison d’être therefore goes a step further, embracing just as well the concepts of strategic plan, vision, mission, corporate culture and values ​​and including its entire ecosystem in a logic of symmetry of attention: shareholders, managers, employees, suppliers and customers, but also citizens and society at large.

What Matters Is Not What We

Thinking about your purpose is therefore: Reflect on the fundamentals and the very essence of your business or organization Align your values ​​and your corporate culture with what you do Distinguish “being” (the why) from “doing” (the what) and clarify them Identify what sets you apart from your competitors Decompartmentalize your thinking and innovate Anchor the business project within the collective, give meaning and gain motivation Strengthen the alignment of stakeholders, external and internal to your company The raison d’être therefore questions the role and purpose of a company or organization in society: it explains the mission that a company sets for itself, defines its contribution to societal issues and

manifests the way in which the company considers its usefulness. in the society. It must be genuine, sincere, legitimate and in line with the reality of your business, hence the difficulty of the exercise! How can we formulate this raison d’être? Which method to implement? What matters is not what we do but why we do it: golden circle methodology In his classic book, ” Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, ” Simon Sinek explains how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change through innovative methodology ( for a summary, here is an inspiring talk show). As the name of his book suggests, Simon Sinek encourages us to ask ourselves the question of “why?” “. Indeed, the majority of companies


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