Thus they can keep their millions of users around the world updated with the latest news on sports, celebrities, eventualities, among other events. History History is a fun way to keep up with updates and posts from all your contacts. Users will be able to upload photos and videos and set them to be viewed by their contacts for the last 24 hours. You can also create stories in groups, which allows you to upload photos with your selected contacts. These stories can only be viewed by users who created a Custom Story. geofilters Geofilters are creative overlays or templates that can indicate where you are or what you are doing in a specific place.

You can customize them according to the situation, for example, you can create them for events such as birthdays, weddings, brands, restaurants, among others. snapcash Snapcash allows its users to carry out banking transactions by linking Peru Phone Number their debit card. This way, you can send cash to anyone on your contact list. The person receiving the amount will need to link their debit card to use the money. This service is only enabled for the United States. Snapchat for Business Snapchat for Business also offers brands a specialized advertising service through its platform.

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Companies like Gaterode, McDonald’s, among others, have taken advantage of filters, geofilters, among other functions to captivate their audience, and show their products or services first. Snapchat as an advertising platform Since 2015, Snapchat has added its Snapchat for Business service , allowing thousands of brands to reach their audience, which is mostly millennials . In addition, it has thousands of brands to increase.  The number of engagement, and captivate their audience with.  The exclusive and personalized content that can in this app. For this reason, Snapchat is in a Digital Marketing strategy.

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And these are some reasons for a brand to be present on Snapchat. Post exclusive content The advantage of Snapchat is that it allows.  Your posts to disappear in 24 hours, which allows brands to show “inside” information about new products or services.  Or create expectation of them. Content Snapchat allows you to post videos and photos that can with its different filters, stickers, lenses. In addition, it allows you to publish.  The routine of a company’s workers, which allows you to humanize the brand. Make your brand known This app has 100 million users around the world.

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And most of them are millennials, so betting on Snapchat allows brands to by many people every day. Reach a new audience On Snapchat it is easier to reach new audiences, because the users of this app are more active than on other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. For brands, this is an important favor that allows them to generate more engagement. Types of advertisements The Snapchat for Businesses service allows brands to announce their products, services, launches, among others to thousands of active users of this app. To do this, there are three publication options, and the company can adjust to one of them according to its brand objectives.

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