Faced with the government’s call for total containment linked to the Covid-19 virus Scotland Email List in France , most French companies are doing their best to continue their activities, thanks in particular to teleworking . In this context, At 50A we offer you some tips for working well from home and a non-exhaustive list of online tools to stay productive with your team!

There are many ways to conduct a digital strategy audit . At Markentive, we have always strived to offer an approach that can lead to concrete actions and an action plan that is easy to implement and perfectly sized for the company concerned. Then alternate phases of studies, analysis, exchange, to put forward the best recommendations which will be supported by objective considerations and accompanied by clear and defined provisional budgets.

First, Organize A Dedicated Workspace.

Contextualization: This is about redefining the objectives and needs of the company on a general level to imagine the best way for it to reach its targets through the digital channel. Organizational analysis: To imagine an accessible digital strategy that is easy to set up taking into account the internal resources of the company (budget & staff).

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Competitive analysis: In order to find an original strategy that will find its place in the market, it will also be necessary to study in detail the actions carried out by the company’s competitors on the web.
Analysis of existing tools and platforms: This step measures the gap between the existing and the ideal activities to identify the best way to take advantage of them. Adjustments and recommendations: Based on all these observations and discussions with company executives, the consultant offers substantiated and quantified recommendations to reorient the company’s digital communication .

The Different Stages Of A Digital Strategy Audit

It is essential for you and your productivity to set up a workspace dedicated solely to teleworking . you need to find a table with a comfortable seat. Check your eye height with your screen, adjust the position of your chair with your table. Also plan the essential accessories to optimize your workspace: headphones for phone calls, power extension cords to avoid the “I have more battery …”Set specific work schedules and a plan for the week using a shared calendar with your team.

When you’re on an important task, turn off spurious notifications. Leave your mailbox idle for a bit, only interrogate it twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. Favor sending links online rather than sending large attachments that needlessly add to the bandwidth we all share. Assign and prioritize urgent tasks to be done in your telecommuting day, tasks that are important but not urgent. Make two daily points: one in the morning with the list of things to do during the day and one at the end of the day with what you have achieved.

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