Behavioral design is an emerging science designe to Uganda Phone Number change user behavior. It originated from an experiment by harvar psychologist bfskinner in 1930. The results show that as long as incentives are designed well and mechanism. People will advance according to the set goals. Designers must-see | three tricks to grasp user behavior design Skinner box experiment: when the Uganda Phone Number rat presses the lever in the box. The food falls into the box from the small hole. And the rat can take the food So. What are the factors that can motivate the occurrence or change of user behavior? At the beginning of the 21st century. Professor bj fogg of stanford university proposed a behavioral model: b= mat. Which is a methodology of persuasive behavior and has been widely integrate into practical design activities.

Create a Sense of Urgency Uganda Phone Number

Brain research has proven that the brain tends to make Uganda Phone Number incomplete things whole. The apple watch tracks a user’s daily activity. Exercise. And standing. With three rings of different colors clearly showing the day’s accomplishments. As well as providing advice and encouragement. “Close the ring” is one of the important motivations for many Uganda Phone Number users to continue to use the apple watch. The pinduoduo app has added a short video channel. And its core users are users in the sinking market. Who may not be familiar with the interaction method of rich media immersive streaming. However,  Pinduoduo has launched a user education method to swipe to watch a video to get 0.1 yuan in wechat transfers. Every time you swipe down. There will be an instant notification of wechat account arrival.

Wait Without Anxiety Uganda Phone Number

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However, In order to alleviate the impatience and anxiety of Uganda Phone Number users when waiting for orders. Hua xiaozhu app designed the waiting process as a progress bar with a small red envelope. And established clear expectations for users through different waiting time to receive the small red envelope: the Uganda Phone Number progress bar is completed. The red envelopes are also received. And the car has arrived. In traditional shopping. Users usually wait for the receipt of goods after placing an order silently. And users rarely share their shopping with friends. The kuaituantuan applet guides users to share purchase cards to the community through “Notifying the head of the group to ship as soon as possible”. And converts the user’s purchase behavior feedback into a product. Activating potential users who are waiting and watching.

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