When Ludo asked me 2 tips to modernize a communication strategy on social current technics that I would have to write an entire book on the subject! So I prefer to go on 2 “basics” totally mandatory for the rest of your strategy: More than a “tip”, it is above all an error to be corrected immediately if this is your case. Do not put yourself forward on your “About” page (or worse not have an about page on your site. When a visitor doesn’t know you, the first page they’ll look at is this one! And there, beware if you do not show a human face and your true identity!

Internet users today need to feel a real connection with you. Rather than posting perfect photos/videos to your social media profiles, just use your smartphone and be authentic. So be careful, I’m not saying that you should give up having a nice profile and cover photo, or working as little as possible on light and sound when making product presentation videos. But when you post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc., people need to feel close to you! And for that nothing like a small video filmed a little in an amateur way diffused in stories or on your pages. Not always easy if you are a little introverted, however.

Don’t Be Perfect Be Genuine

You will have to overcome your fears to succeed in communicating well on social networks today! Gregory and his social selling tips. Grégory Cancel. Create synergies online-offline”. Too often we tend to confront or separate online and offline, for example, LinkedIn and real life. In fact, both are essential to selling better. Used skillfully and in a Argentina Phone Numbers complementary manner, they bring results. Having an optimized profile and being very active on LinkedIn can generate opportunities, but that is not enough. For my part, I have significantly increased my presence in the field, mainly at events. In particular, I met people with whom I continued to interact on LinkedIn before meeting them again in real life.

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Finally, the human remains the central point. By creating online-offline synergies, it becomes easier to keep in touch with our prospects, generate trust, and sell. This is the whole point of Social Selling. Invite to LinkedIn: 3 steps for more results”. If that hasn’t been your habit until now, it’s not too late to do it right. Sending a personalized message when you want to connect with a LinkedIn member increases your chances of getting a favorable response and above all makes you more human. Here is what I recommend: Go to the profile of the person you want to invite. As you go through it, identify common or complementary points. Find information that you can use in your message.

But this time as clients

Write your invitation by mentioning the person’s name each time. A simple “Hello” is not enough. Introduce a contextual element or a timestamp at the end. Example: good weekend, good afternoon, etc. When the person accepts your invitation, thank them by private message and offer to talk to you soon on LinkedIn. Social media communication tips by Thierry. Thierry Dubois. I am part of the generation of seniors who, for the most part, are not used to communicating on social networks. I quickly understood that on social networks, it is first and foremost a human being who speaks to a human being, a place of exchange to promote their expertise and generate sympathy capital.

Social networks are therefore not spaces for: Play the “divas” and talk only about yourself; Advertise without worrying about the expectations of your contacts; And this is the most common mistake: using RS for the sole purpose of developing your customer base. Today, you have to develop your network by showing kindness to others. Unfortunately, the word benevolence tends to be used widely. Priding yourself on being benevolent will not be enough for a consumer to notice you and decide to tell others about you. Here are two “tips” for building a benevolent communication strategy on social networks. Show your value without asking for anything in return. This is the basis for distinguishing yourself from other professionals.

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