Give customers the opportunity to leave their opinion Jordan Phone Number on your website with reviews/testimonials. Or make sure they can get back to you quickly with chat features. Curious about all 26 ideas to expand your online marketing activities Jordan Phone Number in the new year? Then scroll down to view the infographic. Click on the image for a larger copy. What do you, or what does the company you work for spend on online marketing campaigns? And has Jordan Phone Number this budget been determined on the basis of a calculation or based on feeling? Have you already thought about how you will tackle this in 2022?

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In this article I give you: Tips on which data you Jordan Phone Number need to make the calculation for 2022 Tips on how to calculate the online marketing costs for 2022 A questionnaire that you can easily fill in to determine the budgets Determine Online Jordan Phone Number Marketing Budget for 2022 Suppose you invest 500 euros per month in online marketing. This results in a turnover of 2000 euros per month. What are the actual costs? The actual costs you incur are not just that 500 euros per month in the online marketing budget. What is often forgotten are the costs that are still deducted from the 2000 euro turnover.

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Think of packaging, shipping, storage Jordan Phone Number personnel, et cetera. So calculate how much margin you have left from 2000 euros. Imagine that 50% is costs and 50% is net profit. That leaves 1000 euros of the 2000 euros. Calculate the average margin on your products. What is the actual yield? The actual yield is not 2000 euros. This is a lot higher. There will be a Jordan Phone Number percentage of customers who do not make a one-time purchase, but come back more often. Calculate what a customer spends on average per year in your webshop. Example: a new customer makes a first purchase of 60 euros and then comes back four more times.

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