Google will have a Cyprus Mobile Number List time neutralizing it. Customer service is a tough problem for Google: it’s not in the company’s DNA, while Amazon has made customer service its weapon of mass destruction. This is a major obstacle that will not be overcome by Google’s guarantee alone. Product reviews are a critical area and an opportunity. Google Shopping is quite strict on the display of product ratings in its listings, which is not the case with Amazon. Amazon has a crippling problem in this area, since any buyer can post a review for a product, even if they haven’t purchased it.

The quality of a product can then be biased because of its falsified rating. If Google were to become even more demanding about framing reviews, by only allowing reviews from verified buyers, it could make trust a point of differentiation. Here’s another, intangible, problem for Google: Using Amazon is more intuitive than Google Shopping, thanks in part to the site’s functionality, its huge catalog of products, content and user interface. Google Shopping is very sober and impersonal… Amazon is more messy but offers more possibilities for discovery. There is a possibility of surprise, a bit like browsing in a real store. Google Shopping is very … very far from that.

Google Shopping: There’s More To

Google must find its own way Take the example of Bing, which has been trying for a long time to compete with Google in the field of search engines. Bing has developed a search experience that is arguably as good as Google’s, but Bing has been unable to gain market share beyond a certain point. It’s debatable as to why, but chances are it’s because Microsoft’s engine mimicked Google too much and wasn’t different enough, or better. No matter what you say, the SEARCH ENGINE label is associated with Google, and no one else.

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Can the same be said for Amazon in relation to e-commerce? To beat Amazon, Google Shopping would have to match, if not surpass, Amazon’s capabilities and key features. Google must also create and impose a stronger associated “shopping” brand in the minds of consumers. The brand is the expression of various factors: quality, service, UX, personality, trust and more… Amazon is the most reliable shopping site and one of the most respected companies in the world. Google isn’t that far behind, but it’s lagging behind. Conclusion Google Shopping is a product that is improving. But it would take a near-perfect strategy on several fronts to catch up with Amazon.

How To Start Your Post-covid-19 Recovery Plan?

Some might say that Google doesn’t need to catch up or beat Amazon, it just needs to hold back users typing purchase searches into its engine (and advertisers). Therefore, just being a number two might be enough. At the same time, Google has also positioned itself as the leader of the anti-Amazon sling that many e-commerce players support.

This is not a bad strategy, but the delicate challenge for Google is to elevate Google Shopping to the rank of e-commerce brand, with a consistent user experience , without reducing e-merchants to mere partners and third-party sellers shipping. products. Whatever the case, whether it is to become number one or consolidate an outsider’s position, Google must accelerate its e-commerce expansion, to take advantage of new post-Covid-19 purchasing behaviors and to slow Amazon in its wild race. to market share in the online advertising sector.The robots.txt guide The robots.txt file is an often overlooked and sometimes forgotten part of a website and SEO. Let’s see its definition, concrete examples of application and tips for using it effectively. The robots.txt file is an important part of your SEO strategy.

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