E-commerce Guinea Email List pages better than product sheets in SEO A last study presented during the SMX West 2020 fair, showed that category pages should be prioritized for the SEO visibility of your e-commerce. E-commerce category pages represent a greater opportunity for organic search positioning and traffic than product pages, according to a study unveiled at SMX West 2020 on Thursday. In nearly 30 of the top US e-commerce stores, positioned for over 25 billion keywords, category pages outperformed product pages, resulting in higher keyword rankings and estimated traffic , while showing higher potential to capture additional traffic through optimization . seo vs pdp categories page The data collected by JumpFly and seoClarity on.

Google US highlights the essential role that category pages play in overall marketing actions to increase brand awareness and interest. Specifically, e-commerce category pages, which include category, subcategory, and product grid pages with faceted navigation, rank 19% more keywords than product listings . These additional keywords for which these categories are visible generated an estimated 413% higher traffic, based on the search volume of the keywords and the position of the pages in the search engine index. Following optimizations to improve their SEO positions , Category Pages have also shown the potential to generate 32% more traffic.

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best pdp categories Even though category pages have generated significant traffic, it is possible to dramatically improve their organic rankings in search engines. On average, each of them captures about 9% of the visibility in the SERP where it is positioned. This means that other pages indexed in organic results from the same SERP attract 91% of clicks. Product pages, on the other hand, are only visible at 2%.page category vs pdp seo impression Summary E-commerce trends A different trend for marketplaces Conclusion E-commerce trends The trend in category page performance has been most evident for sites that target generic top and middle tail keywords.


For example, sites that sell cordless hammers, table lamps, and rain boots performed better with category pages, including fashion, home improvement, and home improvement sites, as well as department store websites. categories pages vs seo product pages Interestingly, results have varied for the electronics industry. One of the likely reasons that product pages perform better in this industry could be that electronics keyword themes tend to contain more concrete product attributes than those in other areas of e-commerce. For example, common TV searches include details like size, display technology, resolution, brand, and whether or not it is a Smart TV.

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Electronic product part numbers also tend to contain some of these attributes to differentiate the many similar products available. As a result, However, regardless of the sector, it is the so-called “direct to consumer” brands that gave the best results with their category pages, with pages ranking on 356% more keywords than product pages. By the term “direct to consumer”, we mean manufacturers who sell their own products on their sites, such as Apple, IKEA, Gap or Nike, which have generated around 202% more traffic with the category pages, and have the potential to generate 233% more traffic if optimized.

SEO customer categories page A different trend for marketplaces This study would not be complete without a look at marketplaces. Unfortunately, there was no consensus for this type of site. The Amazon monster is showing the opposite trend with its product sheets ranking on 21,847% more keywords! In other words, Amazon product pages are visible on 34 million keywords compared to only 155,000 keywords for its category pages. Amazon’s listings have also generated an estimated 57.5 times the traffic, and have the potential to generate 275.7 times more traffic. stronger amazon pdp This makes quite a bit of sense .

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