Imagine a digital office in which service employees Italy Phone Number have access to customer data. Order history, marketing campaigns, stock, customer cases… Then you will really impress the customer. Services marketing mix The contrast with the past could Italy Phone Number not be greater. The four P’s of McCarthy are part of the heritage of marketing. This traditional marketing mix outlines a world in which companies compete mainly on Price , Product , Promotion and Place . To Italy Phone Number some extent, that is still the case. But there is so much more happening in marketing these days. The emergence of the services industry in particular forced us to rethink.

The First Part

Companies that provide (advice) services can also Italy Phone Number distinguish themselves in other ways. Based on the appearance of the office, the processes surrounding the consumption of services and the people who walk around the company, including the quality Italy Phone Number of the service department. See here the introduction of the services marketing mix in which the four P’s are supplemented with another three P’s: People , Processes and Physical Environment . Everything Italy Phone Number as a service This services marketing mix is ​​only becoming more important, now that you see a trend where more and more products are offered as a service.

Where I Go

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Take retailers that deliver a meal box to your Italy Phone Number home every week in subscription form. Or a supplier of a production resource who does not sell that resource, but ‘leases it’, whereby he himself remains responsible for the constant functioning of Italy Phone Number the product (the so-called ‘outcome-based model’). This move to xAAS ( everything as a service ) is well underway and the end is not yet in sight. It also endorses the importance of customer service. Because underlying this development is the desire not so much to realize one-off sales, but to build a relationship with customers.

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