Portal and ecosystem Georgia Phone Numbers List home page is more than just a search box. welcome-yandex-ru It is also a web portal that provides news, weather forecasts and quick access to other Yandex services such as emails, road maps or even the marketplace part for shopping. This means that people come to the site for reasons other than to search the web. In addition, all of Yandex’s products and services combine to form a well-integrated ecosystem. There aren’t many reasons to use Google’s services when you have these efficient and Russian-optimized services.

Android allows users to select Yandex In an agreement reached in 2017, Google agreed to no longer make Google search the default search engine on Android in Russia. This means that the California giant now allows users to choose their default search engine when setting up their Android device. This change led to rapid growth in Yandex’s market share, as many Russian users started to choose it over Google. It even allowed Yandex to overtake Google as early as 2017, in terms of search engine market share. Before being caught up in mid 2019. Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Search Engine Market Share How to do SEO on Yandex? The relevance criteria taken into consideration by the Yandex search engine algorithm are quite close to those of Google.

Launch Of Google Podcasts Manager!

If you want to optimize the performance of your site in Yandex, you should start by adding it to Yandex Webmaster . This is a free analytics service provided by Yandex, similar to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. You can use it to submit your Sitemap.xml to Yandex, track your performance, see crawling errors, etc. yandex-webmaster-preview Having said that, doing SEO on Yandex is very similar to SEO for other search engines like Google. Here are some of the Yandex SEO positioning factors that we recommend you to optimize: Keywords : As with other search engines, you should include keywords in your titles and text. Search Intent :

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As with Google, your content should meet the intent of the searcher. Quality of content : it is essential to have high quality content that meets the demands of Internet users. On-page SEO : Optimize your title tags , your meta descriptions , your URLs , your internal links … Keywords meta tag : Unlike Google, it is interesting to note that Yandex still uses the keywords meta tag for ranking purposes. Site Speed : Sites that load faster rank higher in Yandex. Mobile compatibility : It is important that your site offers a good user experience on mobile. Geographic targeting : Search results in Yandex can be completely different depending on the location of the Internet user.

Yandex Is Not The Number 1 Search Engine In Russia

Consider looking into your local SEO . Penalty for intrusive popups : Like Google, Yandex can penalize sites that have intrusive and / or deceptive interstitials. Crawlability : It is important that your site does not block crawlers and that it is not hidden by a noindex tag. Links : Backlinks are a ranking factor. It is interesting to note that backlinks can have less impact in Yandex than in Google for certain types of queries. This is because the Russian company experienced a major link spam problem in Russia and decided to devalue backlinks as a ranking factor for some business queries. Launch of Google Podcasts Manager!

Google just introduced Podcasts Manager, a new Analytics tool that provides podcast publishers with listening data such as minutes played, listening time, and other retention analytics. Podcasts have been an emerging format for some time now, but the lack of knowledge of listeners’ behavior has kept some advertisers reluctant and at the same time, prevented publishers from getting more advertising revenue from their shows. With the announcement of the release of Google Podcasts Manager, the Mountain View firm is taking a big step.

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