It is with great pleasure that we take possession of our offices in full force today, after a busy summer full of events for Markentive. A well-deserved return to the office. Several brilliant collaborators have joined us to Chile Email List the development of our agency, and several new clients have chosen to place their trust in us. We then took part in digital strategy audits and carried out our clients’ communication planning for the September recovery. The team will also have benefited from a week of team building to bring a new dynamic to its activities, and to continue our process of continuous improvement. Become more efficient in a pleasant environment, what more could you ask for!

Markentive gets a makeover
Regulars to our blog will certainly have noticed, Markentive has opted for a little makeover of its digital platform. Markentive v2 thus offers an improved version of its download area (stay tuned for new ebooks are being finalized!) And also offers a new interface for describing its services: What is clearly understood is clearly stated, and we hope that you will enjoy reading us more. These activities that we offer for our clients in many sectors of activity, should give you a good idea of our areas of expertise if you have never met us.

Inbound marketing as a new beginning

So that we can talk about recovery, you have certainly been able to enjoy a few days of rest with family or friends during the summer period. You are therefore well rested, but you have also surely been able to take a step back from your routine to see it today from a new angle:

Chile Email List

What are we going to offer our customers this quarter?
Are our customers satisfied with the services we offer them?
What is the traffic of my website, does it allow me to recover qualified customers or leads? How do visitors on my website behave , do they find answers to their questions? What do my competitors offer on social networks?. It is in this context that we invite you to think of Inbound Marketing, because it is a question of “smart marketing” which invites companies to reinvent themselves in order to give meaning to their marketing efforts. Reconcile yourself with your customers, provide them with services, involve the company’s employees in this process, and measure the results which will most certainly be beyond your expectations. It is with these good words and with a smile that we wish you an excellent recovery!

Engage your blog readers

Do this by asking questions at the end of your articles, opening a debate, or simply asking their opinion. You would be surprised at the number of returns you could get and the quality of the information gathered that you could reuse for a new article subject, for example; Offer your visitors to write a guest blogging article for you It’s a win / win solution: you benefit from content to publish with less effort (provided of course that it is relevant and of quality), and your guest editor takes advantage of your website to increase its visibility and make it known to your readers.

Organize opinion polls .
This is one of the best ways to get feedback from your readers on a topic that interests you. The advantage of surveys is that they not only generate engagement, but they also sometimes offer the opportunity to produce new content using the data compiled.

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