Google has Hungary Phone Number List that the EAT applies to all the websites it explores: fashion blogs, celebrity news sites, forums, humorous sites, video games…. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ! If your business falls under the YMYL category, you need to be more careful with what you post. Make sure all the statements you make are correct and correctly cited. You will also need to put forward the authority and expertise of the authors who write your content.

How does Google rate a high EAT? One of the concrete things in the Search Quality Guidelines document is that it gives specific examples of websites with a high TAR rate, and why. We can use these examples to understand what influences the EAT. Websites that Google classifies as having a high EAT can be classified into three categories: Good reputation: the site or the content of the web page is well known in the community. Good User Experience : The site or web page helps users do what they need to do. Self-reference: the website is self-centered on itself, like a showcase site that aims to focus on a specific company. Good reputation Google cites this Wall Street Journal article as having a high EAT. Why ?

The World, May Simply Reflect

The authors are well known, the content is clearly in-depth, and the journal has won 40 Pulitzer Prizes. Google also cites this Snopes site article as having a high EAT rate. FYI, is a fact checking website which publishes daily short information aimed at destroying or verifying and confirming rumors, urban legends, hoaxes etc . Despite the fact that Snopes is not a newspaper, Google claims that its EAT rate is high because users can trust the information on this page thanks to the site’s positive reputation and its high level of expertise in dealing with urban legends, folklore, misconceptions…

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which are unrelated to YMYL. Good user experience Here is an example of a category page from a wedding website, The Knot, with a high level of EAT for Google. This page targets a specific market (marriage), but Google gives it a high EAT because it has “an abundance of photos, plus options to view products by price range, style, etc like a lot of e-commerce, in short. example-the-knot-eat Self-reference So far, all these examples come from more or less well-known companies. But Google also gives examples of websites with a high EAT rating that relate to very small businesses.

The Large Number Of Russian-speaking People

Harbor Fish and Chips is a restaurant located in California with a neither modern nor flashy website. It’s not even HTTPS. harbor-fish-n-chips-example Despite this, Google claims that this website has a high EAT rate because it “provides information on when the restaurant is open and what visitors can expect.” Other pages of the website provide information about the restaurant, including the address, menu, other contact details, etc. This showcase website is authoritative because it is self-centered on a company and offers all the information required concern the latter. Surprise… a 404 page!

Interestingly, among the examples of high-level EAT pages, Google cites the example of The New Yorker newspaper page returned to users during a 404 error . the new yorker page 404 Google considers this page to have: A satisfactory amount of high quality content for its purpose (error page). A very positive reputation (website). A very high level of EAT for the purpose of the page. Google then adds these comments: “This is an example of a ‘custom 404’ page. These pages are designed to alert users that the URL they are trying to visit no longer exists. The MC (main content) of this page is the design, caption, and search functionality, which is specific to the content of the website.

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