Through the two major steps of Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number digitization and software. Moving traditional services online is the first step in enterprise intelligence.As long as these two steps can run smoothly. No matter the scale of your company or the field you are in. You are a new species in the internet era. And you can board the express train of intelligent business and evolve faster Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number than others. The so-called enterprise intelligence is simply a “Learning decision-making machine”. Not only can it make decisions. But even the efficiency and effect of decision-making can be continuously optimized and improve through the closed loop of learning. Which of course requires the support of data and algorithms.Taobao can not only record the purchase data and browsing data of buyers.

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The value of this data may not be reflected in the Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number present. But it may be of great help to you one day in the future. To achieve the above two points. It is necessary to make all Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number business online and software. Which is the fundamental difference from the erp system. Erp is to solidify management behavior and improve management efficiency through the software-based dissemination of best practices; what is needed in the future is to express business behavior in software. Humans can subconsciously predict an offline behavior of users. But machines cannot master them through learning. Only when you express all the business processes in software and make them online. The next thing will be possible. The so-called machine intelligence is to use the dumbest method to make the smartest result. This is the first step. For example.

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A large part of the online celebrity shops are Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number rewriting the business process software system and abandoning the erp platform that was commonly used in the past. Online will bring Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number huge data flow. After mastering all the data of users. The method of prediction feedback correction will be used to guide business decisions. From this perspective. Data is decision-making. Not data-supported decision-making. The second step in intelligence must be automation. Which is to directly let machines make decisions. Users enter a keyword in taobao’s search box. Or click on a certain place what will appear. These things are directly determine by the machine. Some people may have such a question: “How do I know whether the machine is doing well or not?” in fact. This is the process of model. Algorithm. And feedback to improve. Decisions must be digitize for continuous optimization.

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