You can organize dilemma sessions with colleagues or Egypt Phone Number colleagues. Take a moment to reflect, get away from the issues of the day.” What about the purpose of the communication profession? What are communication professionals on earth for? “Yes, that Egypt Phone Number is an essential question that is still open and to which the answers differ. Everyone communicates, including plants and animals. Communication is in any case context dependent. Where there is communication, the context determines the meaning, in other words how something comes across and lands.

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If the context is different, but the event is the Egypt Phone Number same, the message may come across differently. If you, as a professional, want to get a grip on this or want to steer it, you are not realistic.” What needs to be done to increase ethical awareness Egypt Phone Number among communication professionals? “Most importantly, keep thinking more for yourself and also take your gut feeling seriously. A professional code could help raise awareness of the ethical dilemmas within the communication profession. And of course when convincing managers and directors in your organization.

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Jan and I have been investigating for some time Egypt Phone Number how we can shape such a professional code. In addition, training knowledge and skills is important. Ethics should be a structural part of all the different communication courses, because it is in everything. The moral muscles should then be regularly trained in the workplace. It’s about your own moral Egypt Phone Number compass; what does it actually look like and can you let it speak enough? If you stay close to yourself, you will always stand firm.” Tips for and by communication professionals: Try to grasp the real story, and include multiple perspectives in it. When you use a frame, also look at what consequences it has ethically.

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