Children’s shoes should all know that I am Qatar Phone Number in charge of b-end product design. I wonder if children’s shoes in b-end product design positions often encounter some customer personalized needs: they all want to add and modify table fields or product layouts according to their own preferences. Such as some enterprise [users] are not called [users]. They are called [customers]. [device management] is not called [device management]. They like to be called [management devices]. And so on. Especially for saas products. Facing a variety of enterprise users. We often encounter various users who give feedback to the product and put forward personalized needs. If we implement them according to their needs. We Qatar Phone Number will not waste development resources. At the same time. The relationship between enterprises and enterprises the needs of different companies affect each other.

Add and Delete Fields Qatar Phone Number

However. If they do not do it at all. There is a Qatar Phone Number high probability of losing these customers. Which is not conducive to future product development. Therefore. Today beimu wants to learn with you. How to use configuration thinking for b-end products. Starting from functional modules such as fields. Data search boxes. Layouts. Menus. Etc.. To solve the personalize Qatar Phone Number needs of users. So as to meet thousands of people in one product. The needs of many people.The modification of list fields is the most frequent requirement encountered in the daily b-side product iteration. For example. In the crm (customer resource management) system. For the customer management page. In addition to the customer name. Phone number. Wechat account. Nickname and other fields. From time to time. Users will also suggest that they need to add different fields according to themselves. Such as customer id. Customer picture.

Functional Modules Qatar Phone Number

Qatar Phone Number

This will not only result in too many list fields Qatar Phone Number and bloated information. But also waste development resources and repeat the creation of wheels if we encounter the same requirements for adding fields next time. Low scalability. So. How should b-end products be designed for the Qatar Phone Number requirements of adding. Deleting. And displaying hidden fields?In fact. No matter how we predict which fields users will use in the product. As the product continues to iterate. As long as we want to make standardized back-end products that satisfy thousands of people. We will definitely encounter the need to add and delete fields. It is also very simple to solve this requirement. We do not need to add or delete the fields they want for a certain enterprise. In essence.

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