Finally, Bing also Japan Phone Number List that slow page load times can cause a visitor to leave your website, potentially before the content has even loaded, to look for information elsewhere. It is for this reason that Bing may view this as a bad user experience and an unsatisfactory search result. Conclusion: user engagement as a differentiating factor!Whether for Bing or Google, each webmaster must not cheat with the algorithm by offering credible content, explicitly citing his references and sources, while being transparent.

Of course, an author page and legal notices will not give you an SEO boost but will allow search engines to confirm that you are a real entity that can apply for the top positions.Finally, the main difference between Bing and Google is in user engagement, considered the 3rd most important factor on this list. Indeed, the Microsoft engine takes into account the interactions between Internet users and the results page, something that Google is not doing… for the moment?These guidelines closely resemble Google’s concept of EAT , an essential triptych on which today’s SEO is based.

How does Bing do it?

Be honest and transparent: EAT is the new standard .The Core Update rolled out by Google in May 2020 impacted a lot of organic positions for many sites, both negatively and positively.Among these sites, we noticed that those referring to YMYL (Your Money Your Life) themes, ie sites directly related to people’s life and health (finance, health, etc.) were the most impacted. Indeed, since the Medic Update of 2018, Google has become more and more intransigent with this kind of sites, requiring a high degree of EAT .The EAT is a concept imagined by Google which aims to identify 3 components for each website:His expertise : are the authors of the content legitimate to write on such and such a subject?

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Does the information cite reliable sources?His authority : is the site or the author authoritative on the subject? Note that backlinks are one of the main factors taken into account by Google to determine your authority.Its reliability : can we trust the content of the site? Is there any information presenting the site? A biography of the authors? Links to real social media profiles? These 3 elements that Google uses to determine the degree of EAT of web pages do not apply only to YMYL sites, but to the whole web!

What about the translated content?

Therefore, we recommend that you do your utmost to show your users that your site is trustworthy and doesn’t hide anything:On your site, feel free to display the faces and names of people who work in yourWrite and post biographies for your authors.Integrate structured data tags (Author, Organization, Service, etc.)Link to the social media profiles of the authors and your key employees.Make videos.Show Google that you really exist by setting up and verifying your business on Google My Business .

With respect to content translated from one language to another, this practice is not considered by Google to be duplicate content. Indeed, the contents are in different languages ​​and therefore unique.Duplicates are often caused by an incorrectly configured server or website. These cases are technical in nature and will likely never result in a sanction from Google. However, they can hurt your organic rankings, which is why it is important to correct them as a priority.Besides the technical causes, there are also causes of human origin: content that is deliberately copied andpublished elsewhere. As we said, they can lead to penalties if they have malicious intent.

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