In 2013, the Union Des Annonceurs awarded Oasis (an integral part of the Orangina Schweppes Group) with a Golden Phoenix for its communication Guyana Email List media and non-media activities. This prize particularly rewards global communication initiatives linking the brand and the consumer. For the “Be fruit” project, Oasis was supported by the Marcel and KR Media agencies .

Other projects were also awarded, including ” Guiguoz ” for its “Parlons bébé” campaign, ” La Redoute ” for its “fails hunt” campaign, and ” Restaurants du Coeur” for the “The Airfood Project” campaign. We really appreciated these examples of multichannel communication campaigns like Oasis because here we are far from the cliché of a fruit juice seller … Place is given to the user experience, the customer is encouraged to participate, and according to the UDA, 8 of the 10 finalist projects involved the use of social networks . The platforms, websites, blogs, mobile applications are existing or specially designed for these masterfully orchestrated campaigns!

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In 2014, Oasis was still the leading French brand on social networks. We will see if at the end of the 2015 financial year, the brand still holds its place. To come back to its history, what is striking with Oasis is the place given to storytelling, or the art of captivating its audience , and to scriptwriting. Schoolboy characters from the fruit world have been imagined such as “Alan Anas” the pineapple, “Frambourgeoise” the raspberry, “Mango de bol” the mango that leaves their paradise island to burst into our life as consumers. This created an attachment to the brand and almost suspense for the next episodes and adventures of our fruits!

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This enhanced user experience is for us the future of communication in the context of inbound marketing. general public: forget the products and create an event, tell a story, entertain or educate in order to sell better. The multichannel was particularly used between QR codes on the bottles, pre-announcements in the Cinema, the meeting between the fruit and the characters from the animated film Madagascar, the TV spots … The fallout? Record mobile application downloads, the number one French brand on Facebook, number two in soft drinks behind Coca Cola! Take a look: you won’t see fruit juice the same way anymore: Oasis Be fruit

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GMI also studied the types of content consulted by Internet users seeking information on a product. The most viewed content in this perspective are photos, viewed primarily by 27% of Internet users looking for information on a product. Product evaluations are observed as a priority by 19% of Internet users, followed by the description of the product by the brand for 13% of Internet users, opinions and comments (12%), videos (10%), posts by friends (10%) and blogger questions (9%). What to inspire when looking to sell and promote your products online!

Which social network to use?
Unsurprisingly, among the social networks studied by GMI, the one that has most influenced the purchase of consumers is Facebook. Among the users registered on social networks who have made an online purchase during the last 6 months, 24% have made an online purchase after following a link on Facebook, this proportion drops to 5% on Twitter, to 3% on a blog, 2% on Pinterest and 1% on Tumblr and Instagram. Facebook therefore appears as a showcase for BtoC traders seeking to reach the general public.

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