Advantages at the brand level Advertise services or products for brands. Have more traffic to the pages or websites. Improve the image and reputation of the brand. Facilitate communication between the brand and users. Loyalty to your followers and form a community. Being a low-cost means of communication. Be effective in publishing your content. Increase your sales. Measure the results of your marketing plan. Be a customer service channel. Disadvantages on a personal level Privacy can be violated. Anyone can have access to personal information.

It removes the possibility of interacting with people from the same physical environment. Multiple fake accounts with different names can be created. Contact unknown people. Minors can lie about their age to gain access. Vulnerable to Uruguay Phone Number scams from unscrupulous people. Keep away people who do not have access to the Internet and are excluded from this service. You run the risk of being a victim of cyberbullying. Impersonation for criminal purposes. He creates a biased image of himself. Being a victim of viruses. Disadvantages at the brand level Mistakes become more obvious to your followers.

Services of a Company or Individual

damaging your brand image. Everything is more transparent and brands are exposed to criticism. Brands can be victims of trolls. Waste of money by investing in campaigns that are not very creative. The most used social networks in the world Due to the new digital age, people are more connected to a virtual world through social networks. These have become the main source of information, as they are more direct and interactive. In addition, brands are closer to their customers, making these media more effective than traditional marketing.

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For this reason, these platforms have become a great communication tool for both companies and individuals. It is worth mentioning that not all social networks have the same purposes. This is because each one seeks to satisfy a different need of the public. For example, in some social networks you can only publish audiovisual material and in others you can have a wide variety of content. Therefore, we will present you the most used social networks in the world. Facebook Facebook was by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and has more than 2.74 billion registered users.

Capture Customers on Social Media

It is the most popular social network today and stands out because various.  Types of publications can be , depending on the objective of the brand. This application is for general use since you can write on your friends’ walls, create a fan page for your business and build customer loyalty. Also, you can share photos, videos, statuses, articles and links. Facebook stands out among social networks as it is constantly. Because it is the social network with the largest number of active users, it is the most attractive platform for companies and brands.

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