A new page in the history of Markentive is being turned. Building on our first successes, our doors are opening to make room for new talents who will complement our expertise. Markentive offers transversal digital Cyprus Email List services focused on the innovative concept of Inbound Marketing : Bringing customers to you with content that is worth the detour rather than looking for them with advertising. This method is part of the trends,the economic context is difficult, consumers make rational purchases, are wary of promotional messages and are able to find the information that interests them.

The challenge then becomes to provide this information, to prove its expertise and to be chosen! We are looking for profiles of passionate, invested and ambitious (Food Jobs go your way!). Our philosophy is to bring something new to a rapidly changing industry where standards are being put in place.

CDI or (Professionalization contract / internship): Writer / Community Manager MKNT008

We are waiting here for a candidate with exceptional writing skills who are comfortable with Community Management and issues related to referencing or SEO. We will also study the profiles of motivated trainees at the end of their studies interested in continuing the adventure with us thereafter. The work mainly consists of writing blog articles and content for our agency or our clients and distributing them with talent within social media communities. We do not consider this to be an easy mission and are waiting for the candidate who will be able to convince us of his skills (personal blog, twitter, achievements …). Sectoral expertise or foreign languages ​​highly appreciated, creativity, autonomy and pro-activity mandatory.

Cyprus Email List

• How to offer relevant comments ? For example by doing additional research, by including a link that completes the article, by asking relevant questions that help advance thinking, etc. The secret is to stand out from other comments in order to arouse the curiosity of the author who will take an interest in you, click on your profile and visit your blog. Then, when you’ve caught the author’s attention, offer to help. For example, submit one of your graphics that summarizes his point of view and suggest that he include it in his article. If it’s relevant and useful, the author will use it and give you a nice backlink to your site. Bingo.

CDI: Consultant in Inbound Marketing MKNT009

We are currently recruiting a profile of consultant in Inbound Marketing. The mission here is ultimately to be able to manage customer contacts independently, from making appointments to developing the digital strategy, including the recruitment of writers, community managers, developers. Literary soul with exceptional writing skills but highly recommended Business School course. Professional English expected with an entrepreneurial, creative temperament and great work capacities.

These missions are based in our premises in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, the atmosphere is relaxed but an advanced level of excellence is expected. NB: We provide Ultrabook or Macbook and on Friday you will be entitled to an extra Mocha Hazelnut espresso shoot in a personalized cup with your first name. Download the white paper below to learn more about inbound marketing

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