3 months ago, I had fun finding Austria WhatsApp Number List of project management / change management in Stefan Zweig’s novel The Drunkenness of Metamorphosis . I repeat the exercise with a Stanley Kubrick film, Full Metal Jacket. This time, I will focus my attention on the fact that management methods can inadvertently impact the functioning of companies and the personal expression of employees. For people who have not seen the film, I will try not to reveal all the subtleties of this anti-militarist masterpiece! The plot of Full Metal Jacket takes place in the middle of the Vietnam War, we follow the daily life of a group of young American recruits on two events:

the second part shows the evolution of this group on the Vietnamese ground in a context of fear and almost permanent stress. In this film, Stanley Kubrick does not dwell on the visible realities of war and does not attempt to paint a pro-American view of the conflict (Mel Gibson can go brush his way). From my point of view, it focuses on the psychological study of a group of individuals and the destruction of personal expressions of recruits by their own institution / management. For the viewer, the ENEMY in this film is therefore not the Vietnamese camp but the American command (=> the management of the teams).

Full Metal Jacket, the methodology not to follow

Full Metal Jacket, the methodology not to follow to manage the human resources of your company 1) In the first part of the film, at training camp, the director introduces Private Lawrence, a tall, fat, simplistic individual who is visibly unfit to evolve in a combat context. Throughout the first part, he therefore becomes the victim of the cruel drill sergeant then by inertia of the rest of the group (even the people who helped him on a daily basis). This moral then physical torture transforms this endearing character into a real monster. He ends up assassinating the drill sergeant and committing suicide.


the first part of the film develops the harsh and humiliating education of those engaged in the camera of a training camp To illustrate this point of view, I will present 3 examples described in Full Metal Jacket. With this example, Stanley Kubrick develops on the one hand the unqualified recruitment of American soldiers to make cannon fodder – while some would bring more value to other activities of the organization. On the other hand, it shows how a manager can push individuals to dismiss people from the same group, thus impacting the entire functioning of the garrison. Full Metal Jacket, the methodology not to follow to support your teams

Full Metal Jacket, the methodology

2) In the second part of the film, we can see a soldier take the initiative to assassinate Vietnamese civilians (surely prompted by a mixture of military doctrine, fear and madness). Obviously this character no longer has any benchmarks, he is no longer supervised by his management, he has lost his capacity for judgment and takes horrible initiatives. In addition to leading this individual to a state of intense anxiety upon his return to civilian life, this initiative serves the organization’s desire to protect civilians during war. 3) Finally, throughout the second part of the film, we see all the heads of the American garrison die one by one on the ground.

Stanley Kubrick seems to criticize the pyramidal organization of the military institution. As the layers of governance disappear, autonomy and managerial power are given to individuals who have not been trained for it. In the same way, within the framework of a company, emergencies, for example, can totally disorganize a pyramidal organization and give autonomy to people who have not been accompanied to manage it. What are your development plan and milestones for the next few years, in the short, medium and long term? We are currently based in the United States, where we founded Flaneer, and we are also establishing ourselves in France.

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