In order to better understand the impact and the control of the giants of the web on the world, the PennyStocks site has just published a new Venezuela Email List which shows, in real time, the revenues and profits of the biggest players in the sector.

By the time of writing this sentence, 40 hours of videos will have been uploaded to YouTube, which will have generated around $ 4,000 at the same time. This is the kind of information and statistics that the PennyStocks site offers, by publishing all kinds of data from the biggest players on the web, in real time.

The Chroniclers

However, to set up a successful co-design approach, it is essential to have strong support from the client or the project sponsor. It is also accepting to work differently by forgetting the customer-supplier relationship but to put oneself in a state of mind which favors exchange rather than contractual relationship. We no longer work [for] but (WITH);)

Venezuela Email List

What we see in the first place is that this is an original and creative method that engages them in their project, which demystifies our jobs as digital experts by a better understanding of the creation process and design. It is also an effective method which ensures maximum transparency and visibility throughout our project relationship.

DATA – The Internet in Real-Time

It makes it possible to create a working environment conducive to innovation, to creation in a state of mind of “working with” rather than “for”. If our leitmotif at 50A has always been “Doing business while having fun”, codesign is the perfect embodiment!

The token economy therefore makes it possible to give birth to new uses and services, through an information traceability system and above all transaction traceability. This token economy gives rise to new forms of organization. Have you ever heard of DAOs? According to wikipedia “A Decentralized Autonomous Organization ( DAO or in French“ Organization Autonomous Decentralized ”) is an organization operating thanks to a computer program which provides rules of governance to a community.

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