Millennials, those “children” born under the age of, are ceasing to be children and are beginning to take managerial positions. They are starting to run businesses, to apply for loans, to take on mortgages, to buy, to consume, etc. They are becoming the consumers, the sales target, the new market we need to target… Even people like you with innovative ideas are taking the helm of their lives and starting to shape their projects on the Internet.

Shopify makes it easy for you – get started for free today! You have 14 days free to create your online store. No credit card, easy and intuitive. Email address Email address We cannot reach this new Germany Phone Number of consumers in the same way as we reached their parents. They are abnormally different from the previous generation. Much more than the statistics normally indicate. The appearance of Millennials in the market represents a monumental change, perhaps the biggest in the last 200 years.

So How Should We Target Millennials?

What do you have to do to continue selling, or to increase sales with these new consumers? Who are the Millennials? How to direct our strategy to Millennials? 3 traits that differentiate them What social networks do Millennials spend their time on? Examples of online store campaigns targeting Millennials That is precisely what we are going to talk about in this post. Who are the Millennials? First of all, we must remember that

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Millennials are people who were born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s . If you investigate a little, you will see that there are those who say that they are those who were born between such and such a year, others say that they are those who were born between another and another year… The truth is that there is no consensus on this. But roughly, Millennials are those who were born in the last two decades of the 20th century . Millennials How to direct our strategy to Millennials?

3 Traits That Differentiate Them Let’s See

the 3 key aspects about Millennials to survive in the age of Instagram and Facebook: 1- Millennials are influenced by online prestige not by advertising Building a brand has historically been associated with two variables: advertising campaigns The reputation expressed in the positive or negative comments of the users of the brand or product. In the pre-Internet world, advertising campaigns were

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