In line with previous articles such as “How to retain Internet users via social networks” , today we are sharing with you an article on a study carried out by GMI on social media marketing. Global Market Insite (GMI) El-Salvador Email List of technological solutions, international market researcher and recruiter of consumer panels, investigated the influence of social networks on the purchasing behavior of consumers. This influence was studied in 2013 on a panel of 1001 French Internet users.

In a previous post , we mentioned the 2012 launch of the Asthmaclic siteby AstraZeneca in collaboration with the Asthme & Allergies association. This is a website dedicated to asthma for educational purposes, offering2 distinct parts. The first is informativeand allows the patient and those around him to benefit from a better understanding of the disease. The second part of the site is interactive: in five environments, the Internet user must identify aggravating and triggering factors for asthmatics. The objective of this interactive course is to allow people with asthma to acquire the right reflexes to gain autonomy. In a digital strategy, the information and interaction cocktail is often the most effective!

The purchase of products directly on social networks remains marginal

Several social networks directly offer the purchase of products or services, we speak of social-commerce. This solution has not yet found favor with French Internet users surveyed who are only 9% to have made a purchase from a social network during the last 6 months. Internet users registered on social networks however represent a segment of the population fond of online shopping, 94% of them have in fact purchased online in the last 6 months.

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If social commerce is not more developed, it is because Internet users prefer to use other platforms for their online shopping. 61% of them believe that a store’s site is the most reliable platform for their online purchases. Retailer sites garner 29% of the vote on the most trusted platforms, while store social media pages only get 7% support and retailers just 3%.

A showcase for its products (for better or for worse)

If French Internet users do not show excessive enthusiasm at the idea of ​​buying products directly on social networks, they do influence their purchases. The study conducted by GMI reveals that 24% of Internet users surveyed registered on social networks use these to guide their purchases. The sensitivity of young Internet users to brands on social networks is more important, it is more than half of 18-24 year olds who liked a product on a brand’s page.

This influence can also be harmful, almost a third (32%) of those surveyed who have made a purchase in the last 6 months have changed their mind after consulting negative or unexpected information about the object of an intended purchase. . Once again, this influence is even greater among 18-24 year olds, for whom this proportion reaches 43%!

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