But how do you proceed? Are you going to build this UAE Phone Number chatbot yourself, or are you going to outsource it? I’ll list the pros and cons. Chatbots: the support for your service employees The benefits of chatbots speak for themselves. Many organizations are therefore UAE Phone Number already taking the step towards a combination of people and technology. In which live employees are assisted by virtual assistants. Research firm Gartner predicts that 70% of office workers worldwide UAE Phone Number will interact with chatbots on a daily basis by 2022. And CNBC expects to save an average of $0.70 per customer next year using these virtual assistants.

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Attractive figures, but what does the use of chatbots UAE Phone Number specifically mean for your organization? A boost for customer satisfaction Of course you only want to offer your customer the very best service. If you find that customer expectations are higher than the service UAE Phone Number you can provide with your customer service team, it’s time to deploy a chatbot. A chatbot is available day and night, and doesn’t care about weekends and holidays. The customer can always contact the virtual assistant for simple questions, and can expect an answer within no time.

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Because your availability and response time are UAE Phone Number significantly improved, you will undoubtedly see a higher customer satisfaction. A breath of fresh air for your customer service representatives But a chatbot is not only of value to the UAE Phone Number customer. Your customer service representatives will also be grateful for the implementation of a chatbot. For example, chatbots capture up to 40% of the questions, and they can do preparatory work by collecting information that your service employees can quickly use.

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