Claire, Amandine, Malala… are Mauritius Email Lists at work in the basements of Ile-de-France. Behind these female first names, hide the names of the tunnel boring machines that are digging the future of the Paris metro. Ultimately, by 2020 , 21 tunnel boring machines from the German company Herrenknecht, world leader in the sector, will be at work. “The site of the century” These machines exceed all superlatives: 100 meters long, 10 in diameter, 1,250 tonnes and 20 million euros each . Made in Germany, they are assembled right where they are going to drill. Before working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the tunnel boring machines are baptized with a female first name in reference to a mining tradition. It is a real ultra-sophisticated moving

factory that digs an average of 10 to 12 meters per day with millimeter precision at work. This is not too much to design the Grand Paris Express . This titanic project plans to build more than 200 km of new metro lines in Île-de-France, which corresponds to doubling the current network . A project that has no equivalent in Europe or even, in these proportions, internationally. In comparison, the London Crossrail project is 117 km long but on a single line. In Île-de-France, nearly 70 new stations are also on the program. Work has already started on some lines and the first sections should be operational for the 2024 Olympic Games but

30 Minutes To Connect Paris To Orly

the last lines should see the light of day in more than 10 years , after 2030.. Moreover, the sites are behind schedule, and various constraints have already led to financial slippages. Initially, the amount of the invoice was to be 25 billion euros, we are now talking about 38.5 billion euros . Despite the delays, the projects are now progressing rapidly. The project includes two line extensions (lines 11 and 14) and the creation of four new ones (lines 15, 16, 17 and 18), the plan of which can be seen here: Grand Paris Express map 30 minutes to connect Paris to Orly You will find all the details on the site of the Société du Grand Paris created especially for the project. Future time savings are also calculated. The citymapper application also


sometimes offers future possibilities that will be open to you, in 10 years! Among the symbolic points, we note that it will be possible to reach Orly airport in less than 30 minutes from the center of Paris or La Défense at Roissy airport again in just over 30 minutes. The suburbs in particular will be well connected to each other, which is far from being the case at present and which explains a large part of the saturation of the metro lines and especially the RER. The suburbs at the heart of the project Indeed, the finding has been established for several years. Intramural Paris has one of the densest public transport networks in the world,

The Suburbs At The Heart Of The Project

yet as soon as you cross the ring road, complexity is essential. Inter-suburban links are complex or non-existent . Having to go back through Châtelet or Gare du Nord to go from the north to the west of the Ile-de-France region is not efficient. Paris is subjected to this paradox where the network was built for its city center while opposing its suburbs. This is the consequence of the trauma of the Commune of 1871 which rejected in Cayenne and in the “red suburbs” the revolted poor populations and concentrated the well-off populations in Paris recently extended, at that time, beyond the walls of the general farmers. up to the fortifications of the

future ring road . Yet only 2 million people live in the city of Paris while there are nearly 7 million inhabitants in the inner suburbs and 12 million throughout the Île-de-France. Think of Paris as a world-city of 12 million inhabitants Paris therefore wants to resemble its neighboring capitals and try to get out of its paradox of absolute Jacobinism. To understand the phenomenon, just compare with other European capitals. While the city of Paris spans barely 100 km2 , London spans 1,500 km2 and Berlin covers nearly 900 km2.. The cities in the administrative sense, do not undergo the same division whereas the populations of the metropolitan

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