Each year with Olivier Breux and Marko Zuber of Team 50A, we take pleasure in Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List with our little hands “our good wishes”. You can find almost all of it on our Youtube channel . The exercise is complex, because we must succeed in finding the idea and the tone in a minimum of time, because like everyone else we are multi-tasking.

This year, we started with the wishes of the President to help us pass on strong messages: love for our family, our Galaxy, the return to normal life and cohabitation with the GAFAMs. Our wishes in general lead to our projects and our strategy. This year we are working on physical meetings! You will be able to tell us that now is not the right time, it is certainly when it is not the right time that there is a good opportunity. This project / establishment is in the process of materializing at the moment, we will be able to tell you more about it in the coming weeks;)

We Wish You A Very Happy New Year! We Wish You Well !!

Also find our wishes in audio format on our Spreaker page where we invite you to discover and listen to our podcasts on good practices, innovations, and disruptions related to digital transformation.

Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List

Suddenly, today, the sites have the same technical architecture, which poses a problem for two main reasons. Security, for a hacker it is much more interesting to find a loophole that will make it possible to hack 1 million sites at the same time. The generated code is also not optimized. Google is becoming more and more intransigent and penalizes these sites compared to sites developed with native technologies or frameworks such as Laravel , Symfony etc.

What Is A Digital Agency?

Finally, I feel obliged to talk about it, the no code or agency no code is the very fruit of all these inconsistencies, the only advantage of no code is to present a powerpoint online, to do tests or to validate a POC. You will never position a no code in the search engine results.

Finally to consolidate our team of developers we have chosen Elodie for her versatility, her outspokenness and her ability to integrate novelty. Welcome Elodie to the Ok digital boomer of the web.
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