Although the Mountain View firm is acting to satisfy both users and advertisers. This initiative comes at a time when competing search engines are proving attractive to Internet users in terms of confidentiality. Mozilla has already developed anti-fingerprinting concepts, to name a few. However, Google does not want to follow Mozilla et al in the confidentiality measures already taken. The company believes that they are too drastic and not effective. On a request, 75% of clicks are on the first 3 results of Google. This percentage comes from a recent study carried out by which analyzed the click-through rates on Google search results.

According to Google, blocking all third-party cookies is not the right solution. Because developers will be able to fall back on fingerprinting. The flagship search engine is even ready to negotiate with its competitors to move forward in this Privacy Sandbox project and find solutions common to all. What awaits Google? At a time when large social networks are seeking to restore their image regarding the confidentiality and privacy of their users, it is a complicated challenge that Google is embarking on, by wanting to ensure the satisfaction of Internet users and advertisers. . The American company will have to find the right formula between not being too strict at the risk of losing its advertisers and respecting its statements regarding the confidentiality of Internet users. Do not hesitate to contact your SEA agency if you wish to be supported in your digital strategy.

What if these changes actually take place?

While the sums consumers consider are not grossly excessive, McGuffin has decided to speculate on estimated revenue for 9 of the 16 apps. And if you want to be supported in your strategy, do not hesitate to contact your digital agency who will be happy to help you. The American company seeks to protect the personal data of its users during online advertising Poland Phone Number targeting. A compromise that promises to be very difficult to find with advertisers, but the Mountain View firm strongly believes in Privacy Sandbox. Once their budget is exhausted, search engines will no longer respond to their request. Of course, the information will not be precise enough to the point that users are no longer anonymous. To do this, Google intends to work on this project with the web community (advertisers, publishers, search engines, etc.),

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The increases are pretty dazzling; Reddit’s 10,771% hike would put it ahead of five other services when it had the lowest revenue. The same goes for YouTube, which would benefit from being the network receiving the largest amount from consumers, to overtake Facebook with the highest turnover. Study visual Hypothetical turnover if previous results were taken into account. What to remember? This study developed by McGuffin reinforces our idea of ​​digital, with consumers who can hardly live without all these applications. It also reflects the skepticism of users about paying sums for services used on a daily basis. However, paid applications are popular with users and at higher prices, such as Spotify or Deezer for example, available for 9.99 euros. But one thing is certain.

What to remember?

At a time when digital has an immeasurable impact on our generation, a lot of services are offered for free. A chance for seasoned users who form a significant part of the world population. The results of this study are ultimately not too surprising. Study Study results on what consumers would be willing to pay for these services. Despite overuse of these services, users are not prepared to shell out large sums of money. The maximum amount they are willing to put into an application is $ 50 per year. The application in question is Google’s video network, YouTube. This study also reveals that at least 64% of the consumers questioned are ready to pay in order to continue to benefit from these services.

The consulting firm, McGuffin, therefore took the time to carry out a study on the subject. Your digital agency delivers the results to you. The results of the study The study was carried out last June on around 2,000 consumers. 55% of these were women and 45% were men. These consumers are between the ages of 18 and 71. And to finish, McGuffin relied on the 16 most used apps in general. These services come from different sectors: entertainment, communication, information etc. The principle is simple: if you do not pay to have access to the service, you no longer have the possibility of using it. So, at what price do you price the services and applications that you use on a daily basis?

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