Study: The impact Macedonia Email List removing Featured Snippet dual display from SERPs A new seoClarity study examines the changes made to organic traffic following the Google SERP update of January 22, aimed at eliminating the double display of a result when it was displayed in Featured Snippet. Summary Update reminder Concrete example The seoClarity study What impact? Conclusion Update reminder Earlier this week, Google through Danny Sullivan released a major update to the first page of search results. Web pages that are in a position associated with a Featured Snippet (such as Position 0 for example) will no longer be repeated in classic blue SERP links.

Previously, it was not uncommon for web pages to appear twice on the first page of search results if they achieved a Featured Snippet position. Many pages even appeared first and second in search results. Concrete example In the example below, taken from one of our articles on the SERPs of tomorrow , we highlighted the role of Position 0 in the voice responses given by the Google Assistant. As you can see, the page was displayed with a link in the Answer Box (Featured Snippet Position 0) and repeated just below, in the first position. With the update from Google, this display is now over, since only the Featured Snippet link will remain.

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The other link, in first position (under Other questions asked) in this example, is relegated to the second page of results. Position 0 voice response The seoClarity study Data from seoClarity indicates that 28% of duplicates appeared in second position in search results before the recent Google update (seoClarity considers Featured Snippet to be counted as first position). The following chart shows the distribution of duplicate link positions for approximately 250,000 US keywords that were featured snippets , prior to January 22 (based on information from the seoClarity database) .


Distribution of positions for pages displayed as duplicate Featured Snippets Distribution of positions for pages displayed as duplicate Featured Snippets, before the January 22 update Now that Google has deduplicated the first page of search results, the big question is whether the impact for organic traffic is negative or not? What impact? To answer this question, seoClarity conducted a study on traffic to URLs that were regularly featured in a Featured Snippet for the last 14 days leading up to the update (January 10-23). Here are the results of this study. SEOs and webmasters can rest easy on their ears, as there is no significant change in organic search traffic as a result of updating Featured Snippets in the SERPs.

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Mark Traphagen, vice president of product marketing and training for seoClarity, provided these explanations: “There was no statistically significant difference in the organic traffic from Google sent to these pages after they lost the first page duplicate, based on an analysis of live traffic data for Google SERPs showing Featured Snippets and relating to several industry sectors. ” It should be noted that minor fluctuations in traffic were detected in some industries, but they were very similar to the daily fluctuations (Wednesday to Thursday) of the previous week (before the update):

Automotive industry (inquiries relating to an information search) : a 10% increase was recorded in traffic between January 22 and 23. January 23 is the very first day during which this new SERP posting was effective. Automotive industry (requests to make a purchase) : There was a 15% drop in traffic between January 22 and 23. In finance (for requests to seek information) : a 4% increase in traffic was recorded between January 22 and January 23. Conclusion Again, these changes relate to a very recent period, but prove that this update is causing a minor impact on search traffic. It’s a good sign for site owners so far, and it will

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