Founded in 2015 by enthusiasts, Tokelau Email List science and experience to offer an educational and social approach to the practice of horseback riding. “This very technical sport is practiced with a living being who does not speak” explains Benoît Blancher, co-founder. Based on this observation, Equisense has developed a first product, Equisense Motion, allowing the analysis of horse locomotion to be drawn. Marketed since the end of 2016, Equisense Motion is a sensor attached to the horse’s strap, at the level of the sternum, and connected to a smartphone. It collects real-time data on the locomotion of the horse. It allows you to benefit from precise feedback on training: symmetry, left hand / right hand ratio, cadence.

rebound, distance, speed or even GPS tracking. In September 2019, the startup put on sale a second product: Equisense Motion S. The latter offers the same functionalities as the first product while also offering a physiological analysis of the horse in activity. On the strength of its growth of nearly 50% in 2019 (largely linked to the new product), the company wishes to confirm and strengthen the work carried out on indicators, in particular asymmetry. After many years of R&D, Equisense is now focusing on using the data collected and the know-how of its teams to develop new services and strengthen its ecosystem.

The Startup’s Growth Is Also Closely

Equisense is developing a unique ecosystem to facilitate and best support the practice of horseback riding Located in a niche market, “Equisense knows who it is for and is organizing itself on a global playing field in order to be able to grow”, specifies the co-founder. Today, France remains in the majority with 40% of sales, Germany represents 25%, the United States 10% and the rest of Europe 25%. We therefore understand why the blog, led by the other co-founder Camille Saute is available in 3 languages. With 60,000 unique visitors, this communication channel constitutes a major lever of influence for the company.


With several articles per month, “ 4 training exercises for Christmas ”, “ Feeding your horse depending on his nutritional needs: hard to do? ”, Equisense consolidates its expertise and its understanding of the challenges of the sector. Equisense application illustrations Source: Equisense website The startup’s growth is also closely linked to the development of its first acquisition channel, namely its application. 250,000 downloads, 40,000 active users and between 1,500 and 2,000 downloads per week, the application is the heart of Equisense’s operation. Free, it centralizes a whole set of services and connects a community of

enthusiasts. Users can find more than 300 exercises and programs to inspire their workouts. They can also add health care treatments as well as training activities in the app schedule. To go further, the latter encourages the purchase of a sensor and thus constitutes the first door of conversion. From 2020, With a user base who are mostly between 18 and 35 years old, and 83% of its turnover in digital, Equisense offers another vision of equestrian sport. The versatile team is supported by a passionate international community of owner riders, veterinarians, scientists, trainers, industrial partners and more. Rich in this ecosystem,

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