In this last episode of the season, we offer a taste of the summer holidays with the subject of the digital transformation of tourism and hospitality. Firstly, our guest expert on the subject explains his point of view to us, Togo Email List he sees his ideas challenged by our columnists. And to be in tune with the theme, Nicolas went on summer vacation; It is therefore Fabrice Epelboin who is responsible for introducing the subject.

Young people are today’s grandpa boomers, they are numerous thanks to the increase in life expectancy and have better purchasing power. It is a generation that found jobs more easily than today and was able to move from middle class to wealthy fairly quickly. They have a much more favorable retirement to take advantage of than what awaits us …

[introduction] The Tourism Sector Facing Digital Transformation

Tourism is one of the first sectors to change under the influence of digital in the 90s. Priceline, which is the origin of, has fundamentally changed the way people buy airline tickets. The Airbnb actor has changed the concept of property since it allows an inhabitant absent from the premises to monetize their property by renting it out on time.

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During the stay, social networks are mobilized to share his adventure with the world. How is digital changing the way we go on vacation? This is the subject covered in the 5th episode of our 50A Galaxy podcast.

Interview With Réda Berrehili

According to Réda Berrehili, CTO of OneFineStay and co-founder of Square Break , digital transformation is essential to improve our daily lives. And this through Uber, which has made it possible to “upgrade” the taxi transport market, but also Deliveroo. These companies according to him improve our convenience. He sees in them an adaptation to digital much faster than other sectors, and an effective business model change.

For him since the beginnings of Priceline there are real changes in this sector. It defines the model of which is disintermediation . The company plays the role of intermediary between the hotel and the traveler “by taking monstrous commissions” and by making dependent a large part of the business. With AirBnb, this has pushed the entire hospitality sector to adopt this philosophy.

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