50A Galaxy focuses for its second podcast on the digital transformation of the real estate industry. The podcast revolves around a first part Tunisia Email List to the intervention of an expert, then a debate between columnists. They have a round to diverge, and a second round to converge. Our guest Robin Rivaton and our columnists Robert Vinet, Christophe Ducamp, Paul Richardet and Guillaume Berger allowed us to have a global perspective on the challenges of this sector.

The digital transformation in real estate impacts the stages of the project journey and the customer journey
After witnessing societal and technological changes that affect all sectors, we are entering a major turning point in the real estate sector. It is no longer just a question of constructing or delivering buildings; the entire value chain of the sector is concerned. Search for goods, search for land, design and manufacturing processes, digital modeling of buildings or even virtual and augmented reality , these are all processes that are becoming digitized.

Interview With Expert Robin Rivaton

We interviewed Robin Rivaton, founder of Real Estech, a label aimed at encouraging innovation and the digitalization of real estate. He enlightened us on the changes taking place through digital technology in this sector, but also gave us his perspective on the challenges of this dematerialization.

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Its action aims to warn of the slowness vis-à-vis the adoption of technological innovations within this sector. If real estate is lagging behind in France compared to other sectors, it is also behind in comparison on a global scale, and especially in China, the United States and the United Kingdom. This is understandable: the domestication of technological innovations can take time, as electricity has. The digital transformation of real estate would be expected above all in hardware, hardware and heavy infrastructure.

The Postcasters Debate

Robert Vinet, blockchain projectivist, Christophe Ducamp, evangelist in the indie-web and Paul Richardet, community agitator, had a first round to discuss their differences from the interviewee. This is how Robert Vinet indicates the need to detail the elements that make up this digital transformation. He cites two: blockchain and 3D printing, which have an impact in the real estate economy.

Christophe Ducamp thinks, from a sociological point of view, of the innovation of new districts thanks to digital technology, aiming at a better quality of life. Paul Richardet is more skeptical, in particular about the environmental issues and the increasingly increasing difficulties in finding accommodation. Guillaume Berger also intervened and recalled that there is a balance of power between the market and consumers; for him,

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