Why a new social network? How to attract users? How to pay them? How is it funded? What ambitions does he have? Cyril Fremont answers all his Tonga Email List in the first interview with 50AGalaxy. For the fourth episode of our 50A Galaxy podcast, we tackle the digital transformation of healthcare. The first phase of our podcast features an interview with a specialist in the sector and in the second part our PostCasteurs columnists diverge and converge around the table and a good tasting of local wines.
[Introduction] Towards predictive health

Connected health appeared in the 90s and turned our relationship with care upside down, whether as a patient or as a doctor. We are indeed actors of our own health, we speak of “self-management”. Technology makes it possible to achieve predictive, preventive, participatory and personalized medicine. The stake is to delay death and this goes through the augmented body. With 1,000,000 health apps, patients monitor and take charge of their own bodies and doctors become more efficient in their diagnosis. There remains a general fear, however, which is the resale of our personal and medical data to manufacturers or insurance companies, but also the uberization of health. We can also wonder about the place of medical secrecy and its confidentiality ..

Part 1 – Interview With Uwé Diegel

Uwé Diegel, CEO of LifeInA, a start-up specializing in the monitoring of connected diabetes and the secure transport of medicines, gives us his version of the digital transformation of this sector.

Tonga Email List

According to him, it was with the appearance of the iPhone 3 that we started to share our daily data. Little by little, healthcare solutions have become personalized thanks to this data. But he perceives the majority of connected applications as useless; they serve as a performance statement for athletes, for example, but do not allow for preventive or predictive health, according to him.

“Despite The Gdpr, We Are Preparing To Experience Major Catastrophes”

Anne-Caroline Paucot, screenwriter of the future, has a first positive vision of tomorrow with the contribution of blockchain , which, according to her, could make it possible to choose to deliver the data that we want. It also projects itself into a world where “the name disease will no longer exist” thanks to connected medicine, but where we must ultimately “all be chronically in good health”. AC. Paucot has a second more negative vision of the future, with a freedom hampered by insurance, sanctioning us for each excess.

Nicolas Bermond, director of the 50A agency, is passionate about this subject since it has been quantifying for years. He is a follower of the “quantified self” with in particular the MyDatalabs association and even quantifies his data consumption in order to be more efficient. He is nevertheless reticent about the excesses of the states on the population.


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