For its third podcast on digital transformation, 50A Galaxy is looking at Trinidad And Tobago Email List agencies. The format of our podcast revolves around a first part with the intervention of an expert, then up to a two-round debate between columnists to diverge and then converge.

Paul Richardet concludes this debate with a perspective on communities: technology can help people as long as the actors help themselves. Harmonious work is needed between the various health actors (professionals, merchants, state). He also thinks that there is an avenue to work on in terms of medical prevention.

[introduction] Communication Goes Digital

Today, in a world where communication is becoming digital, we are seeing the next changes taking shape. Among them we believe that one of the fundamental changes will be cryptocommunication . Indeed since the arrival of blockchain and ICOs (digital currency exchange method) in 2009, we have observed a real craze for this technology and the advent of a new world.

Trinidad And Tobago Email List

Cryptocommunication is based on blockchain technology, it makes it possible to build and offer new transactional services. It is thus possible to communicate in a very heterogeneous environment, internationally, but also locally. It is an unstable and constantly renewing market. The challenge for communication agencies is to disregard the past to imagine the future of the blockchain economy in order to adapt very quickly.

Interview With Fabrien Aufrechter

Fabien Aufrechter, graduate in History at the Sorbonne and public communication at Celsa, is currently responsible for Havas Blockchain. It allows us to understand what are the changes underway in communication agencies with blockchain technology and how we can imagine the communication of the future.

According to him, the blockchain will bring about the emergence of a new economy since it makes it possible to make peer-to-peer transactions, without an intermediary. This economy is the token economy. Indeed, tokens are digital assets that will be issued by companies, generally as part of fundraising for a project (via ICOs). These assets are purchased via cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ether, etc.). It looks like a stock placement. These tokens can also allow users to access a service: contract, entry ticket, loyalty points, traceability, etc. According to him, the value of the token is based on reputation, and this reputation is co-built.

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