With more than a billion smartphone users worldwide and more than 80 million applications downloaded during the year, we are all familiar with Latvia Email List applications for our smartphones and other tablets or Ipads. If the most popular applications on the American market are unsurprisingly those dedicated to social networks , games, and applications dealing with news, a study published by the agency Ruder Finn tells us that nearly 16% of users surveyed use regular applications dedicated to health.

From a “neighborhood biology”, the trend is towards a more industrial biology concerning its production but which must maintain its close relationship with patients and prescribers. Faced with this problem, new practices are therefore emerging with a great deal of digital communication and health events focused on the quality of the information to be promoted. We recognize here a familiar situation where the informative quality of the message transmitted is preponderant and must be carried out by informed users inside or outside the laboratory.

The Rise Of Mobile Health And Pharma Applications

Mobile health represents more than 40,000 applications and a market of $ 1.3 billion in 2012, analysts predict an explosion of the latter to reach $ 10.2 billion in 2018 thanks to an average annual growth of 41.5%. These data should be compared with the data in the report published by Ruder Finn. In fact, 48% of those questioned announced that they could use health applications in the next 6 months.

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In detail, the health applications most used by the participants of this study are those allowing you to monitor your food consumption, those dedicated to fitness and training, and “calorie counters”. The request concerning applications allowing access to one’s medical fileor to access the results of medical tests is important (respectively 31% and 29% of participants). To complete this work, we approached suppliers of laboratory reagents and public and private analysis laboratories.

Digital Marketing Well Supervised By Regulations

However, regulatory constraints surrounding the protection of patient medical data has hampered the development of applications that meet these needs. In the medical context, health professionals appear to be particularly technophile, and 91% of American health professionals owned a smartphone in 2012. According to a study published by Manhattan Research, in 2011 62% of American doctors owned a digital tablet. This is an excellent population to convert to the use of applications dedicated to their practice. Finally, the study reported in this post concerns American territory.

The adoption of applications dedicated to health by the American public has been slow to develop and some obstacles remain to its massive adoption by the French, in particular the quality of the network (4G is firmly established in the United States and promotes the transfer of data when roaming). So here is a great avenue for healthcare manufacturers to explore to promote their products and services in an intelligent and informative way! Now discover 4 Inbound Marketing tips for successfully launching your mobile application .


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