Editor’s Introduction: Naming Components Is China Phone Number One of the Basic Tasks of B-Side Design Work. So How to Name Components Involved in the Asset Library? the Author of This Article Will Answer You Based on His Own Work Experience. the Author Describes the Naming Method and Precautions of Components. Let’s Learn Together. Many B-Side Designers HaveChina Phone Number Developed the Habit of Making Components. in Your Design Kit. How Are the Components Named? Have You Noticed Some Details and Followed Some Principles? After Reading This Article.

Notes on Component Naming China Phone Number

I Believe You Will Get the Answer. the China Phone Number Naming Structure Must Be Logical. and the Name Is Deduced According to a Certain Logical Structure. So That When Components Are Added or the Component Library Is Innovated. They Can Be Added and Modified Smoothly. Since the Levels and States of Different Components Vary Widely. It Is Recommended That You Also Sort Out the Logical Hierarchy of Names in the Figure Above . and Work China Phone Number According to the Form. It Is Simple and Clear. and It Is Also Convenient for Other Designers in the Team to Collaborate Together.the Name of the Component Can Clearly Reflect the Nature and State of the Component. Don’t Just Use the Numbers 1. 2. and 3 to Replace the State. for Example.

The Naming of Components China Phone Number

China Phone Number

Your Product Brand Name Should End In: “…Brand/primary”. Not “Brand/blue1”. or “Brand/ #E60326”. in Addition to the Color Palette. We Also Try to Clearly Describe the Category and State of the Component. Not Its Appearance . for Example. When the Button Is in the “Hover State”. It Is Light Blue. You China Phone Number Can Name It in the “Hover” State. at This Time. the Second Half of Your Button Name Should Be: “…/Button/primary/hover” . No Need to Mention the Color Change of the Button. This Naming Structure Ensures That the China Phone Number Component Evolves with the System to the Greatest Extent Possible . and If the Color of the Main Button Changes. You Don’t Have to Update Its Name Throughout the System and Components.

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