Digital Marketing, Inbound, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation…. So many digitalization. Digitization is essential but to carry it out successfully, you, at the General Management, have a key role to play! Why is your digitization vital? The buyer requires you to digitize your marketing and sales strategy. He is ultra-connected and always more autonomous in his thinking. By barely forcing the line, the buyer prefers to talk to Google, rather than a salesperson. The buyer needs to understand his problem and compare the solutions available to him before accepting the commercial contact. You can no longer just prospect as you did a few years ago.

Cold prospecting, by telephone, door-to-door, or at trade shows is less and less effective because it is no longer adapted to the expectations of the modern buyer. This mismatch between purchasing behavior and your sales methods explains why your salespeople have more and more difficulty signing new customers. So how do you do it? You must put in place a digital development strategy allowing your marketing department to generate qualified and mature leads for salespeople. Since the buyer uses the Internet to solve his problems and answer the questions he asks himself in his purchase thinking, you must put in place a digital marketing and sales strategy to attract his attention.

A detailed documented strategy

Lead generation, Inbound, and Automation are the solutions. You are aware of this but you mistakenly think that lead generation and inbound are marketing topics. Lead Generation, Inbound & Automation are not Marketing topics. These are business Russia Phone Number matters. It is not enough to create a website and social media accounts to generate leads and gain customers. Companies that think like this don’t generate a return on their investment. Marketing and sales digitization requires 3 things: Tools; Support for change; Marketing and sales digitization has a profound impact on your business. The changes it generates are brutal, the strategy and the tools must be adopted by your employees. The main reason why a company fails in its digitalization and non-adoption by employees.

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Do you prefer to chat rather than read? Let’s talk about it face to face here! General Management plays a key role in digitization. The CEO must convey the vision. A manager indicates what, how, and when to do it. A leader explains why. The success of marketing and sales digitalization depends on your leadership. As CEO, you must make your marketing and sales teams understand why it is essential to digitalize your strategy. You must set the objectives, deadlines, and indicators to follow to verify that the project is going in the right direction. Without it, your teams will go nowhere. The CEO must know how to surround himself (and agree to do it!).

And that is your responsibility as GM

Both for the definition of your digital development strategy and for supporting the change of your teams. As a CEO, your daily life is already protected. You have other concerns to manage than working on your digital development strategy. Furthermore, digital marketing and digital prospecting are not your greatest skills. It is also often for these 2 reasons that you entrust your marketing department with the responsibility of carrying out the reflection around your marketing and sales digitalization. To meet the challenge, you must accept and know how to support yourself. You must choose the right partner who will allow you to define an optimal digital development plan. You must choose the right partner who will promote the adoption of this plan by your marketing and sales teams.

All this over time. The CEO must understand that the whole company will be impacted. A client once told us that he did not imagine that moving to inbound and automation would be so structuring for his business. And for good reason. Marketing and sales digitalization is the first brick in the overall digital transformation of your business. Far beyond the marketing and sales department, it has an impact on the technical service, after-sales service, logistics, and even human resources. In this situation, it is essential that your partner can count on you to facilitate his intervention. Digitization significantly improves your sales performance. Digitization allows you to sell faster, more often, and for less.