In one of our previous articles, we explained to you how, to assess the performance of your digital platform, it was interesting to look at two parameters: Austria Email List and conversion rate . These are two indicators which, moreover, are in phase with the methodology of Inbound marketing : traffic corresponds to the phase of customer attraction to your website (through the creation of content, a presence on social networks and optimization for search engines), while the conversion rate corresponds to the number of visitors who will go to the next stage, that of lead .

Today’s article will focus on this second stage. Once the visitor has landed on your website, your goal will be to lead them to some of your pages that will allow them to produce an action that converts them into a lead, or even directly into a customer if they know exactly what they are looking for. . This is the raison d’être of any marketing campaign: to produce a conversion in the form of a sale, a lead or a subscription .

The conversion path paves the way for a successful lead generation

There are different entry points to a website, whether through a blog post, a landing page or the home page. At this stage, your visitor has arrived at your home either because one of your content interested him, or because he wishes to take a concrete action (a purchase, a subscription, a reservation, etc.). In both cases, you will need to guide him to the pages that interest him (or that interest you!) By setting up a conversion path .

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The conversion path of your website represents the different stages that your visitor must take before turning into a lead . The more your stages will be optimized and the fewer they will be, the more likely you will be that your visitor will go from point A to point B without getting lost on the way.

How to optimize your conversion path?

Obviously, there isn’t one single type of conversion path to apply to every website. This will mainly depend on the type of action you want to get from your visitor. For example, a web marketing consulting company will not have the same conversion path as an online clothing store. However, from an inbound marketing perspective, certain essential elements must be considered in order to optimize the conversion process .

Several Call-to-actions that will be available at each front door of your site. Place one for example at the end of a blog post, several on your home page, etc. These CTAs will be the starting points for conversion paths with a different purpose: some will take the visitor to a downloadable offer, others to a product page or even a contact form. The objective of the CTA is therefore to offer an attractive offer that encourages the visitor to click on it and commit to the conversion path that you have thus prepared for them.

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