The Cleveland Clinic is an academic medical center based in Cleveland, Ohio. It brings together a dozen hospitals in Ohio as well as medical and Finland Email List centers in other American states, in Canada and soon in the United Arab Emirates. According to US news, the Cleveland Clinic is currently considered the 4th best hospital in the United States.

This grouping of health establishments represents one of the most important private medical centers in the world. In terms of numbers, Cleveland Clinic’s revenue is $ 6.2 billion for the year 2012, employing more than 43,000 healthcare practitioners. Beyond these figures, it is above all the Cleveland Clinic’s digital communication strategy aimed at the general public that interests us. This focuses on improving user health and helping with medical choices with the goal of creating a conversation around health and wellness. In this context, the Cleveland Clinic offers unique content ( content marketing) and disseminates it with community management on the most appropriate social networks

A well-honed inbound strategy

Blogging is more like marathon or show jumping than sprinting. Indeed, if the first weeks of writing are inspired enough, it is difficult to keep up the pace especially as the results are progressive … I come here to the subject of this article: How to get help and convince employees of the company to assist you in this work? Together, it is much easier to create content regularly and it will enhance your team!

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On this subject, we spotted the words of Bryan Vartabedian , pediatric gastroenterologist who delivers on his blog several tips to encourage doctors to become bloggers and which we believe can be really transposed to all companies to recruit internal / external writers and relieve the pain.

The blog, the tool of choice for inbound marketing

To begin with, the Cleveland Clinic has a blog on its website: the Health Hub . This is updated by 35 experts to result in a publication frequency of 3 to 6 daily tickets , weekends included. The Health hub is accessible from mobile devices (which represent 40% of traffic), and deals mainly with health, well-being, and medicine. The relayed content is mainly posts (articles and lists) but can take the form of videos or presentations. Some content is specifically adapted to the time of publication:cooking recipes at the end of the afternoon, advice to improve your sleep in the evening, advice on sexuality on Friday evenings… Likewise, seasonality is also taken into account for the publication of content.

A strong presence on social media
The Cleveland Clinic is present on Facebook through 3 pages, a “ corporate Facebook account ”, an account dedicated to the children’s hospital, and an account dedicated to the community. The content relayed on Facebook is in the form of teasers pointing to the Health Hub. At the end of 2012, the Cleveland Clinic had nearly 100,000 fans on Facebook, in March 2013 after an advertising campaign on Facebook, the Cleveland Clinic exceeded 400,000 fans. In that same month, the Health Hub generated more than 417,000 visits, of which nearly 65% ​​came from Facebook!We can think that Facebook’s sharing possibilities as well as the general public recruitment of this channel are at the origin of these results. What community management!

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