Your product Poland Phone Number List may not match what the user searched for in the search engines, so you will need to make sure that the customer is able to purchase other products to minimize their disappointment. You can do this by adding a section on your product listings that recommends related products to your customers and cross-linking to products that share the same theme. This not only helps generate internal links (which will be good for SEO) but also helps customers find what they are looking for and increase the value of the average cart.

Here are other examples of blocks and sections you can add to your pages:Building this kind of feature can take a bit of time at first, but once it’s up and running it will be low maintenance and you will have tons of new links pointing to your deeper product pages.You can also connect your category pages to each other in order to improve the architecture of your site and the consistency between your categories dealing with a common theme. If you have a snippet of content at the top or bottom of your page, you can add a block of links next to it, like in this example on the ASOS site :

You can do this in several ways

This is a common example of how you can link to related categories and subcategories on your page template, without disrupting the user’s journey.However, this is very classic, since it is simply a matter of displaying the subcategories of the page the user is on. Something that all category page templates offer natively.We advise you to go further by adding a section of the type “Related categories” at the bottom of each page or in the sidebar. The idea is to integrate links to categories that are not sub-families (sub-categories of the current page) in order to extract you from the natural silo and the breadcrumb pattern imposed by the structure of your e-commerce CMS.

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Let us take, once again, the example of La Redoute. On this same “Dress” category used above, the Roubaix company displays a block of links at the bottom of the page, directing to listing pages that are not part of the classic navigation of the site, but directly linked. to the world of dress.Another example is that of the “Dress” category (again) from Zalando , which also includes a block of links, at the bottom of the page, directing to complementary categories of dresses but belonging to a different product family (“Shorts woman ”,“ Tailors ”…). By connecting these two families via internal links.

Intelligent management of unpublished products

we break the silos by categories / families of products imposed by most CMS to create logical connections based on the complementarity of offers aimed at satisfying the customer.example-zalando-block-ties-dressAn optimized unpublished product management strategy can be relatively easy to implement for most e-commerce sites, and depending on the state of your current setup, it can be a very quick payoff for your website.

Deleted or temporarily unavailable products can result in large amounts of errored pages returning 404s, broken links, and empty or thin product listing pages, which can harm your site in a number Showing a 404 page or blank page to your customers will not only result in a bad user experience, but also in the loss of a large amount of links. This will lead to lost sales and when it happens on a large scale it can have a significant impact on your site’s revenue, and not just for SEO, but other channels as well.You can set up dynamic indexing by applying certain rules on the server which will automatically load out-of-stock product pages for you.

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